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 Movie-related Books:
An enormous number of books have been used as resources in the construction of this site, and you'll find many of them listed on the various "Bibliography" pages that appear in the sections about specific people and films.  Unfortunately, due to the very transient nature of classic-movie related books, most of those consulted in the construction of this site are out-of-print, making them hard to find.  Don't despair however.  Reel Classics has friends who can help you.

Full Circle Book Store:

Everyone knows about the big online book dealers, and there are links for them on this page. However, Full Circle Book Store in Oklahoma City is the official book retailer of and the staff there go out of their way to help my visitors find the classic movie-related books they're looking for--be they in or out of print.  Full Circle can get any book in print and ship it anywhere in the world.  They're also good at hunting down those hard-to-find out-of-print titles.

Contact Full Circle through their web site or call them toll-free in the U.S. at 1-800-683-READ.  Be sure to give them your name, email address, and a day-time phone number.  Tell them Elizabeth sent you too!

FOR BOOKS STILL IN PRINT: These can be purchased online at

FOR OUT-OF-PRINT BOOKS: Let Full Circle know the title and author.  They will run a free out-of-print book search for you and, if they find a copy of the book, will tell you its condition and price.  There's no obligation--you can take it or leave it.

DON'T KNOW IF IT'S STILL IN PRINT?: No problem.  Tell Full Circle what you know about it and they'll find out for you.  If it's in print, they can order it.  It it's out of print, they can run a search for it.

Believe me when I tell you this is the best way to find classic movie-related books. The staff at Full Circle know their business well and offer old-fashioned customer service, the likes of which you just can't find most places these days.  

Other sources for Classic Movie-related books:

  • Your Local Library --even in this high-tech age, you'll be amazed what you can still find at the public library -- especially if you take advantage of the Inter-Library Loan Program.  Most libraries participate in this effort to share books nation-wide, but you have to ask about it.
  • --the e-commerce site of the American Bookseller's Association (a national organization of independent bookstores), allowing customers to support their local independent bookstore and still enjoy the convenience of online shopping.
  • Alibris --an e-commerce site combining a vast in-print inventory with the hard-to-find and out-of-print resources of thousands of independent book stores; good source for new and used books, movies and music.
  • --one of the Internet's largest online retailers, featuring a large selection of books, both new and used.
  • Barnes & Noble --the Internet outlet of one of the United State's largest brick-and-mortar retail bookstore chains; in-print books competitively priced.
  • a site for out-of-print books which sells a limited number of titles from the author's personal stock of books; not a huge selection, but some classic movie-related titles and some are even autographed by the author. 
  • Greenwood Press-- this publishing house is responsible for a number of very well respected books about the careers of various stars and directors as well as film studies-related topics; order direct from the publisher via their website.
  • Hollywood Book City --specializing in movie books (new and used; current and out-of-print titles), film scripts and other cinema collectibles.
  • Ted Henry, Harold’s Book Shop (186 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102)-- an independent book seller in Minnesota that specializes in movie books; no website, but he sends out a catalogue bi-monthly; write to join his mailing list.

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