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I love helping people, but there are some questions I get over and over again whose answers are already here at Reel Classics. Please do me a favor and read the Frequently Asked Questions before you e-mail me. (There is a link at the bottom of this page.) I'm getting hundreds of messages a day right now, and can't keep up! 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy [name of movie]?

A. Not all classic movies are available on video and DVD yet, but many are. Check out the online video dealers I have listed in my Classic Movie Merchandise section and see what they can do for you. Several of them specialize in out-of-print and hard-to-find movies and a few will even do searches for you. If it turns out your movie really isn't available, check out the monthly schedules for actors, actresses and directors at TVNow to see if your film will be on TV any time soon (for US television only).

Q. Where can I find movie posters, pictures, scripts and other memorabilia?

A. Again, see my Classic Movie Merchandise section.  I have contact information and links for dozens of reliable vendors there.

Q. I found an item of movie memorabilia.  Do you know its value?  Do you want to buy it?

A. First, I know nothing about memorabilia.  Second, I don't collect it.  However, if you're looking for some help with valuations, try the various memorabilia dealers I have listed in my Merchandise Section and see what they can tell you.  And if you're selling something, try listing it with one of the online movie memorabilia auction sites also listed in my Merchandise Section.

Q. I'm working on a paper/report that's due soon and I need some information fast!

A. I'm happy to try to help people, but I'm a busy person myself and can't just drop all MY work because YOU procrastinated a little too long. I don't write essays for people, nor do I have time to respond in depth to complicated questions.  However, if you'd like my assistance with your topic and are working within reasonable time constraints, email me (link below) and I'll do what I can as far as answering questions and suggesting resources.

Q. Can I use a picture, audio/video clip or other information from Reel Classics in my paper, publication, or on my own site?

A. Webmasters should read my Guidelines for Building your own Homepage and Copyright Statement & Terms of Use pages first, and then if you have further questions, email me (link below).
    Students and educators should read my Copyright Statement & Terms of Use page first, and then if you have further questions, email me (link below).
    For others, using classic movie images in any kind of commercial publication or project, including on consumer products or other public displays, requires a license from the image's copyright holder, as does the use of movie clips in documentaries, movies, advertisements, etc.  For information on obtaining a license for such uses, see my Classic Movie Images/Clips Licensing page.

Q. I've used some information from this site in my report/paper? How do I cite it in my bibliography/works cited?

A. I've built a page especially for this question: How to Cite Reel Classics in a Bibliography.

Q. Can I host a public screening of a classic movie?

A. A "public screening" of a classic movie means showing a film outside of a private home environment or to someone other than family or social acquaintances. In these situations, a public performance license must be obtained before a movie can be shown, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution or organization is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved.  For more information, see the section on Public Movie Screening Licensing on my Classic Movie Images/Clips Licensing page.

Q. Why don't you have anything about [name of movie, name of star, name of director]?

A. First of all, are you sure I don't? Use the Search Engine before you accuse me of leaving out a classic. Even if I don't have an individual page for them, often I mention them on other pages or have links to sites that can tell you more.
     Secondly, there are over 500 classic movie personalities and other topics currently being researched for pages on Reel Classics.  Therefore, most likely your missing classic is already in my R&D (Research and Development) file, but feel free to email me and make sure (email link below).
     Thirdly, if there's nothing here and you want information quickly, try the Internet Movie Database (which has detailed information on any film, player or crew member you can think of).  Remember that much of the IMDb's content is submitted by visitors however, many of whom make mistakes, so take that into consideration when evaluating the site's accuracy.
     Or fourth, consider making a page about them yourself!

Q. Why don't you have a  next to [name of film]? It's my favorite!

A. There are two reasons a film might not be recommended (and you're welcome to ask which is the case with yours -- email link below):
  1. I didn't like it or won't put my reputation on the line recommending it to the majority of my visitors.
  2. I haven't seen it yet. (Believe it or not, there are thousands of classics I haven't seen yet!)

Also, be aware that a film might be listed with a in the filmography of one of its stars, but not recommended in the filmography of another.  This is because some films, while noteworthy and significant in the career of one person, might be insignificant in the career of another, and I try to differentiate between the two.

Please note that a new system of ranking is currently under development at Reel Classics. It ranks films on a scale from 0-5 and includes a brief review of each film.  Check it out under Movie Reviews.

Q. How can I contact [name of star, name of director, name of studio, name of classic movie cable TV network]?

A. Check out the mailing addresses I have in my Classic Celebrity Addresses section as well as the extensive notes and further resources there.

Q. Do you know...?

A. I get dozens of questions a day from people who can't remember the name of a film they saw long ago, or want more information about a star, or have some other classic movie-related question they just can't answer.  I don't know everything, but I do make an effort to tell you what I know when you ask (email link below).  Please help me help you by telling me as much information as you already know -- for example:
  • approximate dates ("when I was a child" or "several years ago" doesn't help; even decades are better than nothing)
  • genres of films, black-and-white vs. color
  • stars, studios, directors, character names
  • plot summary
  • when and where you saw/read about it

Be forewarned that there are those times when I'm not much help (especially when it comes to movies made in my lifetime -- since the 1970s).  In these cases, your best bet is probably to post a message on one of Turner Classic Movies' Message Boards or on's Classic Movie Discussion Forum and see if some of your fellow classic movie fans can help you out.

Q. I'm another classic movie site webmaster... 

A. Welcome to the club! ... I'm not kidding.  There really is one!  A couple of years ago, a group of us classic movie webmasters got together and formed a mailing list which we use to keep each other apprised of what's going on with our own and other sites of interest on the Internet.  If you're interested in joining us or would just like more information, check out the Classic Movie Webmasters page.

Q. Can I link to Reel Classics?  

A. In most cases, yes.  However, please read my note about Linking to Reel Classics first.

Q. Would you add a link to my page? Or would you join my webring?

A. Reel Classics aims to be not only a resource for information, but also a gateway to other classic movie-related websites on the Internet.  Thus, in most cases I am happy to link to other movie-related pages.  I do have restrictions about content however, and check out all sites submitted to make sure they live up to certain standards of good taste and decency.  (That means no nudity, profanity, or other objectionable content, and reasonable accuracy in reporting.)  To submit your site as a potential link, use the Comment Form.
     As far as my policy on webrings goes, visit my Author's Note about WebRings

Q. How can I promote my product/service at Reel Classics?

A. Reel Classics sells a variety of advertising to companies whose reputable products and services may be of interest to Reel Classics' visitors.  For more information, submit an Advertising Query.

Q. Who are you and how did you get into all this?

A. See my Stuff About Me pages for more information, as well as my section of Author's Notes for some history on this site.

Q. How can I contribute to Reel Classics?

A. is written and maintained for the general public at no cost to anyone who visits this site. Reel Classics, L.L.C. (which owns and operates the Reel Classics website) benefits financially from the purchases visitors make from the affiliated vendors listed in the Classic Movie Merchandise section.  Thus, by using the links here at Reel Classics to make online purchases, you are helping ensure the future of

Other (non-monetary) contributions are also welcome. Feel free to send me your pictures, celebrity addresses, audio/video clips or other information you'd like to see on my site. (Just make sure you do your best to tell me where it came from.) I can't guarantee I'll include it, but I might. And if you're interested in writing something for Reel Classics, read the note on "Feel Like Writing About the Classics?" 

Q. How can I get updates about Reel Classics?

A. Visit the Reel Classics Newsletter page to subscribe to Reel Classics' monthly newsletter, complete with updates about new content at Reel Classics as well as classic movie-related news items every fan will want to know.


Still have something to say or a question unanswered? No problem. If this is your first time to write Reel Classics, please use the comment form.  Or if you've written before, you can email Elizabeth directly.  Keep in mind however, that Reel Classics receives over 200 inquiries daily.  Questions that can be answered quickly usually receive the fastest responses, while others that require more thought or research take longer (when they are answered at all).  Reel Classics endeavors to respond to as much email as possible, but there are only 24 hours in a day.  Your understanding and patience is much appreciated.


  1. Whether submitting your message by email or through the comment form, be as specific as you can in the "subject" line.  Messages with a specific film title, star's name or other topic in the subject line are more likely to be read and answered than messages with subjects like "help!" or "hello" or "movie" or "question".
  2. Be specific about the subject you are writing about.  There are hundreds of stars and thousands of films referenced here at Reel Classics, and when I receive questions like "When was she born?" or "Where was the fight scene filmed?", I'm at a loss to help you unless you give me the person's name or the film's title.

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