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Remembering 3
Name: Rosalynn Vasquez
Location: Dallas, TX
Date: 02 Apr 2005

There are very few actors who can take us away for an adventure, capture our hearts and attention and forever leave an impression....that was Teresa Wright. I've seen all her films and always regarded her acting as solid and gold. I will continue to cherish her films and share them with future generations. There's only one Teresa Wright.
Name: Andy M
Location: NY
Date: 02 Apr 2005

My wife and I were newly-weds in 1979, and she didn't have a clue who Teresa Wright was. But that didn't stop me from dragging her in to NYC to see Mornings At Seven, featuring Teresa (and Gary Merill, among others) on Broadway. I always thought her best film work was in The Best Years of Our Lives, and I just couldn't miss an opportunity to see her Live. It was a thrill to see her and needless to say, my wife became a fan.

Name: Rebecca Guinsler
Location: Newark, Ohio
Date: 06 Apr 2005

Through out my life I have loved the older movies, and every movie that I ever watched Ms. Wright in captured my heart. She was such an easy actress, and her delightful voice was so effective. I am sorry to hear about her passing. She gave many wonderful performances. I especially loved the MORNINGS AT SEVEN play.

Name: Kathy Jordan
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date: 06 Apr 2005

I've only seen a few movies with Ms. Wright in them, but am sad to hear of her passing. She captivated the screen with her grace, ease of acting, her natural charm, and beauty. Her contributions to acting will be missed...

Name: Mike Otworth
Location: Indialantic, Florida
Date: 08 Apr 2005

I knew little of classic cinema until five years ago. I turned on the television and "Mrs. Miniver" had just begun. When Teresa Wright appeared in her first scene, I was amazed and entranced. -How was it possible at 37 years old I had never heard of this woman ?! Soon after, I watched Best Years Of Our Lives, and I knew without a doubt that Teresa Wright was a one of a kind treasure, the likes of which I had never seen. My most sincere thanks to Elizabeth at Reel Classics for posting all of this delightful information about Ms. Wright and her career. It is a comfort to know that there are so many of you who share a heartfelt appreciation for what this wonderful woman has left behind. If there is truly a heaven, Teresa Wright must surely be an actress still.....

Name: Alberto Vargas
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 09 Apr 2005

That's the core of the matter. She have a cult status because she was more worried by her performances, to be an actress and not a star. And we are talking about her roles in the movies and not of her private life. We are talking about Teresa Wright like an actress and not about Teresa Wright like a piece of the star system business. That's the way maybe because of she broke her contract with Samuel Goldwyn. I admire this kind of people, honest people like Teresa.

Name: Steve Hatcher
Location: Clark Fork, Idaho
Date: 11 Apr 2005

She was my favorite actress. The kind of girl you want to come home to.

Name: Elliott
Location: St. Louis
Date: 12 Apr 2005

I don't believe there is another actress who appeared in one decade in as many classic films as Ms. Wright. In fact she is the only actress to have been nominated for an academy award for her first three films. Her ability to convey intelligence, innocence, and strength at the same time was unparalleled. She made every movie she appeared in better because she was in it. My father's favorite film was The Best Years of Our Lives and I never missed watching it while I was growing up. It is now my favorite film and the ending scene in which Ms. Wright looks at Dana Andrews is still one of the most touching scenes in movie history. I will miss Ms. Wright but at least we will have her films as a reminder of how great she is and pass on her legacy of film acting to our children.

Name: Jon Winter
Location: Superior WI
Date: 16 Apr 2005

Just watch "The Pride of the Yankees". Not the first time I've seen it. A recent addition to my baseball movie collection. Teresa Wright's performance in this baseball classic is one of my favorites.

Name: Pauline
Location: Canada
Date: 18 Apr 2005

I was shocked to discover today that Teresa Wright had passed away in March. Somehow, I thought that she would live forever. I only regret never having written to her to tell her how much I enjoyed her films. I grew up watching her movies and admiring her performances. She portrayed a lot of good characters that could have ended up being one-dimensional had they been played by another actress. Somehow, she was always able to make them interesting and real. I admired the spunkiness of her characters, their honesty, their eagerness to make things right. I've always been amazed at how luminous Teresa Wright's face is in her movies and how delicate her voice was. I've also suspected that she quite a sense of humour, judging from her Hollywood contract, which stated that she not do any cheesy pictures with poodles (if I remember correctly)... It's been nice to read all of your comments. Before the Internet, I thought I was the only one whose favorite actress was Teresa Wright. Now, thinking back to the quality of her body of work, it's no wonder that she has so many fans.

Name: Carl
Location: Queens, New York
Date: 21 Apr 2005

Teresa Wright...I always looked forward to seeing a movie she was in... Pride of the Yankees, Best years of our lives, and she was so nice and kind in Somewhere in Time. I had not seen her for a while but when she appeared for those few minutes in 'Somewhere' my interest peaked.

 Name: Charles Ferrell
Location: Beaumont, California
Date: 21 Apr 2005

I fell in love with Theresa Wright as a young man in the 1960s watching reruns over and over again of Pride of the Yankees. I grew up in the small town of Calexico, California with limited television so I really didn't get to know much about her or her other incredible movies until my 30s in the 1980s when video became big. Wow! How as a young actor making her first film she managed to stand up to Betty Davis in Little Foxes I will never know, but she did. Shadow of a Doubt, Mrs. Miniver, Best Years of Our Lives, The Men and even her tiny role in Somewhere in time, which gave me one last chance to see that face on the screen. I will shed more than a tear tonight but I will rejoice in her movies on DVD and that I got to introduce her talent to my wife, Kerrie. She was good.

Name: Mark Lambeck
Location: Stratford, CT
Date: 22 Apr 2005

I was saddened not only to learn of Teresa Wright's death but to realize there was such menial coverage of the event. Local reports barely mentioned her passing and "Entertainment Weekly" had little more than a paragraph about her. I met Miss Wright at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven a few years ago and will never forget how gracious she was to a gushing young fan and will always be grateful for the time she took with me to reminisce about her career.

Name: art
Location: milford ct
Date: 24 Apr 2005

She was the epitome of what all the WW2 soldiers fought for. Every article i have read was so honest and delightful

Name: Jeffrey Ng
Location: Fairfield, CT
Date: 26 Apr 2005

Sadly the 6th of March this year witnessed the passing of a most remarkable lady. Teresa Wright was very much a mirror of her times. But she was also very much ahead of her times. In the roles that she portrayed as the young ingénue, the valiant wife, the dutiful daughter, she reflected the need for film to appeal to our belief in innocence, idealism, and integrity in a time of a long and troubling war. In her personal life, she fought to maintain these same virtues for herself as a female actor. While she may have paid the price in terms of her acting career for standing up to one of the most powerful studios in Hollywood, she made the way easier for others to follow. The memory of Teresa Wright should be an inspiration to all of us. Start out with an abiding belief in human dignity, hold onto to your convictions and dare to be different. The road to integrity can be a lonely one. But it is well marked with signposts by those who have traveled on it before us. One such traveler was Teresa Wright, whose grace and conviction will endure, illuminate and inspire, long after the ink of every contract in Hollywood has faded into distant memory.

Name: Sandra Miller-Louden
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date: 26 Apr 2005

I've always loved Teresa Wright. My favorite film of all times is "The Best Years of Our Lives" where her scenes with Dana Andrews were touching and convincing. I cry every time I see "Pride of the Yankees" and get goose bumps when I see her dawning realization of her Uncle Joseph Cotten's evil ways in "Shadow of a Doubt." She had an innocent glow about her that was charming and she will be remembered as the fine actress she was.

Name: Mandy Foster-Wright
Location: Nottingham, England
Date: 28 Apr 2005

I was saddened to hear of Teresa's death, I used to watch her films when I was a young Girl, what a beautiful and wonderful actress. It's good to know that she appears in my favourite film, Somewhere in Time, sorry it was only a small part, would love to have seen more of her. I send heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. May her memory last always, regards Mandy Foster-Wright.

Name: Richard Pierson
Location: Bloomington Minnesota
Date: 01 May 2005

I just found out that Teresa Wright passed away. I was watching her first performance on TCM (where I just noticed that she looks just like a young Andie McDowell) I remembered I had always wanted to send her a message and tell her that I enjoyed her performances very much, even though I'm only 43 and never got to see them when they first came out. Thank god for the advent of cable. So I looked her up on the web, only to find it was too late. I fell in love with her the first movie I saw her in, my how all time favorite movie "The Best Years of our Lives" which I saw for the first time 50+ years after it was made. (and there have been a lot of movies gone by since then) Now I wish I had written her. She won't know now that I believe her to be a great actress, and a lovely thing to watch, but I know it. I wish I was lucky enough to had seen her debut on the screen. I was lucky enough to see her anyway, and for that I have to say to the sky "thank you" Rest in peace Ms. Wright and thanks again. I'm sorry I never wrote, but somehow I hope you know that I watched and I cared.

Name: Ralph
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date: 02 May 2005

It was with great sadness that I read that Teresa Wright had passed away. I really enjoyed her on screen persona in her films, particularly in Mrs Miniver where she played a loving gentle character which I'm sure was a reflection of how she was in real life. What a wonderful legacy she has left us, her movies.

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