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Teresa Wright

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Remembering 2

Name: Gloria
Location: Los Angeles
Date: 09 Mar 2005

I'm really at a lost for words and very sadden to hear of her passing. Teresa Wright was my favorite actress since I first saw here in The Best Years of Our Lives, Shadow of a Doubt and The Little Foxes. She could just lit up the screen with her smile and warmth. She was just wonderful. May she rest in peace.

Name: Richard
Location: Jacksonville Fl.
Date: 09 Mar 2005

The news of Ms. Wright passing is a loss the the craft of acting. Many of today's stars could learn a lesson by watching her film's and seeing how to play a role with honest and compelling emotions. She and the cast from the movie (The Best Years of Our Lives) gave insight into how my grandfathers may have felt right after the war. I just saw the movie last year, it gave me new insight into my grandparents that I never had before. Thank you Ms. Wright for opening my heart even further to my grandparents. P.S. you were truly one of a kind.

Name: Lee Malkin
Location: West Palm Beach
Date: 09 Mar 2005

I watch the Best Years of Our Lives and Mrs Miniver at least once a year. With Myrna Loy, Teresa Wright acts a real flesh and blood part and her acting is superb. Her passing saddens me greatly as one of our great actresses is gone. My condolences to all of her family.

Name: john p gray
Location: Burbank, Illinois
Date: 10 Mar 2005

Teresa Wright was one of Hollywood's most talented stars. in the best years of our lives she showed what a wonderful talent she was. she will remain my favorite actress because her acting was second to none. with deep regret, john gray.

Name: Joe Bash
Location: Burleson, Texas
Date: 10 Mar 2005

I feel very saddened to hear about Ms. Teresa Wright's passing! She was the perfect "girl next door." She had all the qualities of the perfect lady that I truly admire that is reflected in the "Greatest Generation." May she never be forgotten! God Bless her and her family!

Name: Audrey Pearce and Billie Head-Jenner
Location: Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom
Date: 10 Mar 2005

Teresa Wright was truly a lovely lady and wonderful actress. My husband (Laurence Pearce) loved her films and she gave us much pleasure.

Name: Joyce
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 10 Mar 2005

I was so sad to hear that Ms. Wright passed away. She was a great actress. Everything seemed so natural in her films. I really liked her in "The Best Years of Our Lives". May she rest in peace.....

Name: jack matzye
Location: los angeles, calif.
Date: 11 Mar 2005

dear teresa, the best years of our lives, as of pride of the yankees, and i feel that you were one of the most underrated star of all time, along with your co-stars on the best years, may you rest in peace. your admirer. jack matzye

Name: John Cannon
Location: Chesterfield, Missouri
Date: 11 Mar 2005

Teresa Wright was a wonderful actress and was one of the few surviving links to Hollywood's Golden Age of the 1940's. I remember enjoying her work so much in 'Shadow Of A Doubt' and 'Pride Of The Yankees.' I thought she was a beautiful woman and an excellent, convincing actress. It's wonderful that she continued to make appearances in films and television well into her seventies. Ironically, I was watching 'Pride of the Yankees' again the day before her passing. She indeed will be missed by me!

Name: Henry Cibelli
Location: Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Date: 11 Mar 2005

I was so sorry to hear that Ms. Wright has passed away. She was a beautiful women and a wonderful actress. I loved her in Pride of the Yankees. I loved the the song ALWAYS from the movie and wanted to have that for my wedding but was over ruled by my wife. May her family know how much she will be missed.

Name: R.L.
Location: Boston Mountains, Arkansas
Date: 11 Mar 2005

I've loved Ms. Wright from my early childhood in the '50's: She was one of those extraordinarily rare performers who possessed the truly profound ability to leave you, the filmgoer, with the impression that she was working her onscreen magic for you alone, for no one else. "Willowy girl-next-door" so she's been labeled in the mournful wake of her tragic passing, I rather think of her as an incandescent comet that passes through our lives but once. Condolences to her surviving family and to the generations born too late to know and love this legendary woman. May we all meet again in a better day.

Name: Mary Cerreta
Location: Bayonne, NJ
Date: 11 Mar 2005

She was simply "class all the way". We became friendly through correspondence. She was so kind to answer all my letters and would even take the time to make personal phone calls! I loved her movies-can watch, "Shadow of a Doubt" over and over again and never tire of her acting. I will truly miss my very special friend.

Name: Tom Ryan
Location: Acworth, GA
Date: 11 Mar 2005

I never had any direct contact with Teresa Wright, but I admired her work, especially in "Pride of the Yankees" and "Shadow of a Doubt". As a matter of fact, I watched the last part of the latter just days before she died. She came across as a very nice person on screen and of course was the only actor/actress to be nominated for an Academy Award in her first three films. She will live on in her wonderful work.

Name: R.L.
Location: Arkansas
Date: 12 Mar 2005

A few posters here have enjoyed the extraordinary privilege of either meeting Ms. Wright in the flesh or corresponding with her either by phone or through letters. Perhaps, with our moderator's permission, you might choose to expound on your personal experiences with Teresa. It isn't easy pinpointing one's favorite performer from an era of luminaries so large and so celebrated as that of the 1940's, but if I were pressed to name my own, I, like the moderator, would go with Teresa as my pick. I've seldom been one to dwell so on any such given individual, but in this terribly tragic wake of Teresa's death, I simply cannot banish from my mind that pure and angelic photo-image of a woman who might well be the loveliest star we've ever produced. I, for one, avidly look forward to ultimately seeing an official biography of this timeless legend. Has anyone given thought to contacting Ms. Busch for her opinion in the matter?

Name: JPE
Location: Hannibal, Mo
Date: 12 Mar 2005

Teresa Wright was one of my favorite actresses. I loved her smile, she had class and was a lady. One of my favorite movies with her is "The Best Years of Our Lives."

Name: Rex Huntley
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Date: 12 Mar 2005

13 March I have just heard of our losing Teresa Wright. She was so pretty and my favourite memory of her was when she walked out with Dana Andrews to her car, in the car Park, in Best Years Of Our Lives, and they kissed. The expression on her face was beautiful, priceless. I feel really sad, but how lucky to have been able to see those great movies of hers. Rex Huntley Australia

Location: New Orleans
Date: 13 Mar 2005

She was a bright-eyed lioness cub. Hard to believe that three months ago I didn't even know she existed. Seems like I've known her forever. And she will be known forever.

Name: David Fiore
Location: East Lansing, MI
Date: 13 Mar 2005

What a wonderful site! I posted my own remembrance of Teresa Wright here.

Name: Judy
Location: Ontario, CA
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I was sad to learn of the passing of one of my all-time favorite actresses. I was introduced to her many wonderful movies when I first got a VCR and rented 4 movie classics to watch over the weekend. Among the movies were The Little Foxes and The Best Years of Our Lives. From that point on, I always told everyone that any movie that Teresa Wright was in was a good movie. I wish that the movies today were that special. I am happy that I was able to appreciate her acting talent, and I send my condolences to her family.

Name: Piotr
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I just heard the news Mrs. Wright was dead. This is real shock to me. She was a very good actress and she will be remembered in the hearts of millions around the world. In 2003 she participated in the Oscar Tribute to past Oscar winners at the 75th Academy Awards. It was the last time she appeared in public. What is going on ??? All the really great people leave us... It's so depressing.

Name: Ben Barnes
Location: Holly Springs, Georgia P.O. Box 784
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I have admired Teresa Wright since I was a child .Many many times I have sat and watched the movie, "The Best Years Of Our Lives". Because during the war and after my mother whose name was Peggy was married to my father whose name was Fred, and their was such an uncanny resemblance between my mother and Miss Wright. My mother died in 1966 at the age of 51 and I always thought she is not dead as long as I can see Miss Wright in the movies. her Loss to the world is earth shattering to me, I've cried like a baby since learning of her death. I tried for many years to get to see her in person and this was the year that I was going to New England to see her. My life will surely change upon learning of her death. I will miss her as much as I still miss my mother!!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS MISS TERESA WRIGHT.

Name: Alan Gaither
Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I was first introduced to Teresa Wright in "The Little Foxes", because I was a big Bette Davis fan, and I just loved Teresa Wright's performance. Sadly, I did not see more of her work and wish I had. But, nonetheless, it is sad to see another one of Hollywood's finest depart us like this. I was even more concerned about the lack of coverage her death received. Local and National papers as well as a prominent magazine gave her barely a blurb about her death...How sad old Hollywood is just being thrown to the waste side...

Name: Sue Velazquez
Location: CA
Date: 14 Mar 2005

So sorry to hear of Teresa Wright's passing. A magnificent actress. One of my all time favorite movies........ENCHANTMENT.......sweet, beautiful Lark. Oh, how I wanted her to end up with goes the movies. And the Hitchcock movies.......GREAT !

Name: Devonnee Villegas
Location: San Diego, California
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I was saddened to hear of Ms. Wright's passing. We have lost a truly great actress. She was the epitome of grace. I saw her in The Best Years of Our Lives & Mrs. Miniver, & she fast became my favorite actress. I felt the only one to compare to her was Elizabeth Montgomery. I will always be grateful for the chance for my children & grandchildren to be able to see her films. May she rest in peace

Name: Steve
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 14 Mar 2005

I first saw Teresa Wright as the daughter of Myrna Loy and Fredrick March in "The Best Years of Our Lives." She radiated off the screen with such subtle power and beauty. She embodied all that was good in the world for Dana Andrews, who was returning from the war. She also embodied all that was good in American cinema during that era. She will be sorely, sorely missed.

Name: Jeannet Bus
Location: the Netherlands
Date: 15 Mar 2005

Another great star and beautiful lady is gone but her movies will stay forever. I shall miss her.

Name: Gabriel J
Location: San Diego
Date: 15 Mar 2005

TBYOL is one of my favorite movies. Teresa showed her wholesome beauty in her portrayal. Paraphrasing the movie She should have been put into mass production. A class act.

Name: Luke
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date: 19 Mar 2005

I am very sad to hear about the passing of Teresa Wright and it's very sad for Hollywood because she was a really good actress which she made some really great films like Best Years Of Our Lives, Mrs Miniver, Shadow Of A Doubt etc. My deepest sympathy to her family and may her films continued to be watched by all. Thanks Luke

Name: Jacqueline Gutierrez
Location: Mexico
Date: 19 Mar 2005

I am very sad to hear the sad news about Teresa Wright's passing. She was a great classic actress. I loved her performances in films like "Mrs Miniver", "The Best Years of our Lives" and "Shadow of a Doubt". With the passing of great classic Hollywood actors and actresses like Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn and now Teresa Wright, the golden age of Hollywood is now gone.

Name: Janna
Location: Texas
Date: 19 Mar 2005

I have been devastated since I found out about her passing. She was one of the most amazing actresses I have ever seen. She had a grace and presence that cannot be duplicated. I love every single performance I have seen of hers, as not one of them seemed forced in anyway. She represents something which cannot be found today in cinema, or really anywhere for that matter. Onscreen she was gentle, wholesome, and pure, but tough at the same time. What an amazing legacy she leaves behind. I only wish I could tell her this in person. My prayers are with her family right now. She was one of a kind.

Name: Dick Carpenter
Location: East Norwalk, Connecticut
Date: 21 Mar 2005

I'm very saddened to hear of the passing of Teresa Wright. She was an exceptionally lovely actress! The great director William Wyler, who was very careful with his complements, thought that she had exceptional talent. My favorite scene is at the end of "Best Years", after the wedding of Wilma and Homer, Fred Derry embraces her and says: "You know how it will be, don't you...". The smile on Teresa Wright's face is radiant... and exemplary of her splendid career! Sorry that I never had the opportunity to meet her understand that she lived here in Norwalk for some years. My sincere condolences to her family.

Name: Peter
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 23 Mar 2005

A truly great actress and wonderful person.

Name: Katie
Location: Indiana
Date: 24 Mar 2005

I would just like to thank all of you on behalf of my family and my grandmother (Teresa) for remembering her so fondly. She was always so modest but greatly appreciative of her fans and I know if she could she would send a little minilla card to each of you to say thank you. She was a wonderful woman and we will all miss her very much but again thank you for your kind thoughts and words and keeping her memory alive.

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