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Audrey as Sister Luke in Fred Zinnemann's THE NUN'S STORY. She put aside romantic comedies for a moment to try her hand at some serious acting in what was possibly the most demanding role of her career.

Audrey- nuns story-stress

Audrey plays a young girl who decides to become a nun and later serves as a nurse in the Belgian Congo, as she has always wanted. It proves more of a trial than she anticipated however. (Above in a still from the film with Peter Finch as Dr. Fortunati.)


Audrey as Gabrielle Van Der Mal becoming a nun, and later as Sister Luke praying for guidance as she begins to question her commitment to the order.

Memorable Quotations:

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  • "Were I not completely aware of my duty to my family and my country I would not have come back tonight... or indeed ever again." --as Princess Anne in ROMAN HOLIDAY.
  • Click here"How do I look?" --as Holly Golightly in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.
  • "Simply do not ask me what this is all about, parce que je ne sais pas, mes chers." --as Holly Golightly in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.
  • "I suppose if I'm going to die, I might as well do it for my country." --as Regina Lambert in CHARADE.
  • "Then, you're not a burglar?" --as Nicole Bonet in HOW TO STEAL A MILLION.
  • Click here"Well, it was pitch dark and there he was... tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good looking... in brutal, mean way, Papa.  A terrible man!"
  • "What woman could ask for more than to die in the arms of her lover." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "He's got such an American face-- like a cowboy or Abraham Lincoln." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "If people loved each other more, they'd shoot each other less." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "Papa, let's make a pact. I'll stay out of your files and you stay out of my icebox." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "Actually, I don't much care for young men. Never did." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "I was told you were utterly no good." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "I'm susceptible." --as Ariane Chavasse in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.
  • "Look, I know it's asking you to stretch your imagination but, don't you think you could pretend just for a moment that I'm a woman?" --as Regina Lampert in CHARADE (1963).

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