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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
aud_fairlady_dirtyface.jpg (13118 bytes) aud_fairlady_dirtyface.jpg Audrey as the cockney flower girl in MY FAIR LADY.  
aud_fairlady_fruithat_bw.jpg (9082 bytes) aud_fairlady_
Audrey in her fruit hat (b&w) in MY FAIR LADY. courtesy Erik's Audrey Hepburn Gallery (no longer exists)
aud_funnyface_balloons.jpg (13825 bytes) aud_funnyface_balloons.jpg Audrey posing with balloons in FUNNY FACE. from Legends of Glamour: Audrey Hepburn
aud_robinandmarian_insert.jpg (14654 bytes) aud_robinandmarian_
A poster from ROBIN AND MARIAN.  
aud_romanholiday_anne.jpg (10969 bytes) aud_romanholiday_anne.jpg Audrey as Princess Anne in ROMAN HOLIDAY. from The Unofficial Audrey Hepburn Homepage
aud_sabrina_crawling.jpg (6859 bytes) aud_sabrina_crawling.jpg Audrey crawling in the car port in SABRINA. from Dave's Audrey Page (no longer online).
aud_stealmillion_otoole_closet.jpg (11775 bytes) aud_stealmillion_
Audrey in the closet with Peter O'Toole in HOW TO STEAL A MILLION. from Tansy's Audrey Hepburn Page (no longer online)
aud_warandpeace_ferrer.jpg (24080 bytes) aud_warandpeace_ferrer.jpg A still with Mel Ferrer from WAR AND PEACE. from Legends of Glamour: Audrey Hepburn
aud19thm.jpg (6710 bytes) aud19thm.jpg A thumbnail of Audrey in her white hat from MY FAIR LADY. Courtesy Screen Sirens
audrey_24road_finney_beach.jpg (16180 bytes) audrey_24road_
Audrey and Albert Finney on the beach in TWO FOR THE ROAD. from Ariane's Audrey Hepburn Site
audrey_24road_stopcross.jpg (15668 bytes) audrey_24road_stopcross.jpg Audrey imitating the crossing guard in TWO FOR THE ROAD.  
audrey_24road_swimming.jpg (14597 bytes) audrey_24road_swimming.jpg Audrey swimming with Finney in TWO FOR THE RAOD.  
audrey_faceshot.jpg (7498 bytes) audrey_faceshot.jpg Audrey's face. from Tansy's Audrey Hepburn Page (no longer online).
audrey_greenmansions_anthperkins.jpg (16118 bytes) audrey_greenmansions_
Back to back with Anthony Perkins in GREEN MANSIONS.  
audrey_greenmansions_poster_bw.jpg (20850 bytes) audrey_greenmansions_
A poster from GREEN MANSIONS.  
audrey_greenmansions_rima.jpg (9419 bytes) audrey_greenmansions_
audrey_loveafternoon.jpg (8014 bytes) audrey_loveafternoon.jpg With Gary Cooper in the background in LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.  
audrey_loveafternoon_poster.jpg (5267 bytes) audrey_loveafternoon_
A poster from LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON.  
audrey_nunstory.jpg (14858 bytes) audrey_nunstory.jpg With Peter Finch in THE NUN'S STORY.  
audrey_nunstory_facecolor.jpg (10012 bytes) audrey_nunstory_
A color shot of Audrey as Sister Luke.  
audrey_nunstory_faceshot.jpg (11452 bytes) audrey_nunstory_
A black and white shot of Audrey as Sister Luke. courtesy Erik's Audrey Hepburn Gallery (no longer exists)
audrey_nunstory_kneel&pray.jpg (15432 bytes) audrey_nunstory_
Audrey praying in THE NUN'S STORY.  
audrey_nunstory_kneeling_white.jpg (13792 bytes) audrey_nunstory_
Audrey becoming a nun in THE NUN'S STORY.  
audrey_sabrina_poster.jpg (22870 bytes) audrey_sabrina_poster.jpg A poster from SABRINA. Courtesy Greatest Films
audrey_secretpeople_poster.jpg (18928 bytes) audrey_secretpeople_
A poster from SECRET PEOPLE. Courtesy Music Man's Movie Posters Page
audrey_stealmillion_redhat.jpg (14218 bytes) audrey_stealmillion_
Audrey modeling the cleaning lady outfit in HOW TO STEAL A MILLION.  
audrey_stealmillion_venus.jpg (11398 bytes) audrey_stealmillion_
Audrey and the Celini VEnus from HOW TO STEAL A MILLION. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (October 1996) page 11.
audrey_tiffanys_pubstill_ciginstore.jpg (13600 bytes) audrey_tiffanys_
Publicity still (color) of Audrey and her cigarette inside Tiffany's. from Tansy's Audrey Hepburn Page (no longer online).
audrey_warandpeace_mel&henry.jpg (14061 bytes) audrey_warandpeace_
With Mel Ferrer and Henry Fonda (color) in WAR AND PEACE.  
audrey_warandpeace_natasha.jpg (15628 bytes) audrey_warandpeace_
As Natasha coming down the stairs in WAR AND PEACE (b&w). from Realms of Magic: Audrey Hepburn
cary_audrey_charade_little.jpg (10235 bytes) cary_audrey_
Cary and Audrey in a publicity still for CHARADE. from The Life and Times of Cary Grant
cary_audrey_charade_phone.jpg (12353 bytes) cary_audrey_
Cary interrupts Audrey while she's translating in CHARADE. from The Life and Times of Cary Grant
givenchy_audrey.jpg (5258 bytes) givenchy_audrey.jpg Audrey and Hubert de Givenchy. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (August 1995) page 7.

*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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