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Harold Russell

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  • Victory in my hands by Harold Russell with Victor Rosen (New York: Creative Age Press, 1949).
  • The best years of my life by Harold Russell with Dan Ferullo; introduction by William Wyler (Middlebury, Vt.: P. S. Eriksson, c1981).

Referenced in:

  • A Talent for Trouble: The Life of Hollywood's Most Acclaimed Director, William Wyler by Jan Herman (New York: Putnam Publishing Group, 1996).
  • "The Best Years of Our Lives" Original Motion Picture Score, London Philharmonic Orchestra recording booklet by Royal S. Brown (Entr'acte Records, 1979). 

The Books/ Plays of his Films:

  • Glory For Me by MacKinlay Kantor (New York: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1945).
    (Inspiration for THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES).
For more information about locating any of the above books, visit this page: Classic Movie Merchandise: Books.



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