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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
bergman_cary_notorious_poster.jpg (11871 bytes) bergman_cary_
A poster from NOTORIOUS. courtesy Greatest Films.
cary_audrey_charade_little.jpg (10235 bytes) cary_audrey_charade_
Cary with CHARADE co-star Audrey Hepburn behind the scenes of CHARADE. courtesy The Life and Times of Cary Grant.
cary_audrey_charade_phone.jpg (12353 bytes) cary_audrey_charade_
Cary with Audrey Hepburn in the translators booth in CHARADE. courtesy The Life and Times of Cary Grant.
cary_dunne_awfultruth.jpg (34429 bytes) cary_dunne_
Cary at dinner with Irene Dunner in THE AWFUL TRUTH. courtesy The Palace.
cary_dunne_pennyseranade.jpg (10815 bytes) cary_dunne_
Cary with Irene Dunne in PENNY SERENADE. scanned from Together Again! The Stories of the Great Hollywood Teams by Garson Kanin (1981).
cary_faceshot.jpg (8879 bytes) cary_faceshot.jpg A portrait of Cary.  
cary_fathergoose_lobbycard.jpg (18829 bytes) cary_fathergoose_
A lobby card from FATHER GOOSE. from The Shrine to Cary Grant.
cary_hisgirlfriday_phone.jpg (16472 bytes) cary_hisgirlfriday_
Cary and Rosalind Russell talking on the phone in HIS GIRL FRIDAY. courtesy Cary Grant: The Acrobat of the Drawing Room.
cary_hisgirlfriday_poster.jpg (12079 bytes) cary_hisgirlfriday_
A poster from HIS GIRL FRIDAY. courtesy Greatest Films.
cary_hisgirlfriday_throwing.jpg (16725 bytes) cary_hisgirlfriday_
Rosalind Russell threatening Cary in HIS GIRL FRIDAY. courtesy The Palace.
cary_ingrid_notorious_plane2rio.jpg (13254 bytes) cary_ingrid_notorious_
Cary on the plane to Rio with Ingrid Bergman in NOTORIOUS. courtesy Cary Grant: The Acrobat of the Drawing Room.
cary_ingrid_notorious_publicitystill.jpg (16301 bytes) cary_ingrid_notorious_
A publicity still for NOTORIOUS with Cary and Ingrid Bergman. scanned from a postcard.
cary_kate_baby_net.jpg (18596 bytes) cary_kate_baby_
Cary netted by Katharine Hepburn in BRINGING UP BABY.  
cary_kate_holiday_posed.jpg (14320 bytes) cary_kate_holiday_
A publicity still for HOLIDAY of Cary and  Katharine Hepburn. courtesy Cary Grant: The Acrobat of the Drawing Room.
cary_kgrimes_bishopswife_still.jpg (23090 bytes) cary_kgrimes_
Cary with Karolyn Grimes in THE BISHOP'S WIFE.  
cary_northnw_planechase.jpg (14188 bytes) cary_northnw_
Cary chased by a crop duster in NORTH BY NORTHWEST.  
cary_northnw_poster.jpg (15928 bytes) cary_northnw_
A poster from NORTH BY NORTHWEST. courtesy Greatest Films.
cary_portraitfain.jpg (8019 bytes) cary_portraitfain.jpg A portrait of Cary by artist Jeffrey Fain. courtesy artist Jeffrey Fain.
A poster from I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
charade_poster.jpg (24998 bytes) charade_poster.jpg A poster from CHARADE. from The Shrine to Cary Grant.
day_cary_touchofmink.jpg (9577 bytes) day_cary_
Cary with Doris Day in THAT TOUCH OF MINK. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (January 1998, page 14).
fontaine_cary_bruce_suspicion_patio.jpg (24299 bytes) fontaine_cary_bruce_
Cary on the porch with Joan Fontaine, Nigel Bruce and a maid in SUSPICION. courtesy Meredy's Visions in B&W.
kate_cary_baby_face2face.jpg (14311 bytes) kate_cary_baby_
Cary and Katharine Hepburn face to face with the leopard in BRINGING UP BABY. courtesy The Palace.
kate_cary_baby_point.jpg (14661 bytes) kate_cary_baby_
Cary looking on as Katharine Hepburn points with a rope in BRINGING UP BABY. courtesy Mitali's Images on Film (no longer online).
kate_cary_baby_poster.jpg (25948 bytes) kate_cary_baby_
A poster from BRINGING UP BABY. courtesy Greatest Films.
kate_cary_holiday_goofoff.jpg (14812 bytes) kate_cary_holiday_
Cary with Katharine Hepburn on his shoulders behind the scenes of HOLIDAY. courtesy Mitali's Images on Film (no longer online).
kerr_cary_affair_embrace.jpg (11115 bytes) kerr_cary_affair_
Cary embracing Dedorah Kerr in AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.  
A poster from I'M NO ANGEL. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
myrna_cary_mrblandings.jpg (12271 bytes) myrna_cary_
Cary with Myrna Loy in MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (January 1996, page 12).
myrna_cary_shirley_batchandbobbysock.jpg (12268 bytes) myrna_cary_shirley_
A publicity still for THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBYSOXER with Cary, Myrna Loy and Shirley Temple. courtesy Cary Grant: The Acrobat of the Drawing Room.
philstory_moneyandred.jpg (25003 bytes) philstory_moneyandred.jpg Cary, Jimmy Stewart and Katharine Hepburn discussing money by the pool in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY. from The Shrine to Cary Grant.
young_cary_bishopswife.jpg (12256 bytes) young_cary_
Cary with Loretta Young in THE BISHOP'S WIFE. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (February 1997, page 21).
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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