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All of the sites listed here are about classic movie actors for whom I don't yet have a page. If my search engine brought you here instead of to one of my other pages, then I definitely suggest you check out these sites to help you find what you're looking for.  And if you've got a site you think I should add to this list, use the comment form to submit it.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

Individual Actor Pages: Last Names A-L

  1. John Abbott:
    1. What-a-Character: John Abbott
  2. Larry Adler:
    1. National Public Radio: 2001 - Remembering Larry Adler
  3. John Agar:
    1. The Official John Agar Fan Club
  4. Eddie Albert:
    1. Eddie Albert and the World We Live In
  5. Bob Allen:
    1. Cowboy Pal: Bob Allen
  6. Rex Allen:
    1. Cowboy Pal: Rex Allen
  7. Claude Akins:
    1. What-a-Character: Claude Akins
  8. Don Ameche:
    1. Reel Jewels: Don Ameche
    2. Famous Iowans: Don Ameche
    3. Radio Hall of Fame: Don Ameche
  9. Eddie Rochester Anderson:
    1. Africana: Eddie Rochester Anderson
    2. Radio Hall of Fame: Eddie Anderson
  10. Herbert Anderson:
    1. What-a-Character: Herbert Anderson
  11. John Anderson:
    1. What-a-Character: John Anderson
  12. Edward Andrews:
    1. What-a-Character: Edward Andrews
  13. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle:
    1. Arbucklemania by David
    2. Columbia Oral History: Lila Lee on "Fatty" Arbuckle
    3. Slapstick's Roscoe Arbuckle Quicktimes
    4. Silent Gents: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
  14. Henry Armetta:
    1. What-a-Character: Henry Armetta
  15. Louis Armstrong:
    1. American Masters: Louis Armstrong
  16. R.G. Armstrong:
    1. What-a-Character: R.G. Armstrong
  17. James Arness:
    1. The Official James Arness Website
  18. Desi Arnaz:
    1. ETV: Desi Arnaz
  19. Sig Arno:
    1. What-a-Character: Sig Arno
  20. Leon Askin:
    1. What-a-Character: Leon Askin
  21. John Astin:
    1. What-a-Character: John Astin
  22. Roscoe Ates:
    1. What-a-Character: Roscoe Ates
  23. Richard Attenborough:
    1. Wicked Lady: Richard Attenborough
  24. Malcolm Atterbury:
    1. Great Character Actors: Malcolm Atterbury
  25. Val Avery:
    1. What-a-Character: Val Avery
  26. Gene Autry:
    1. The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum
    2. The Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage
    3. Cowboy Pal: Gene Autry
    4. Tribute to the Singing Cowboy: Gene Autry by Hank DeSota
  27. Lew Ayres:
    1. Classic Images, February 1997: Lew Ayres
  28. Lex Barker:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Lex Barker
  29. Don "Red" Barry:
    1. Cowboy Pal: Don "Red" Barry
  30. Richard Barthelmess:
    1. Silent Gents: Richard Barthelmess
  31. Scotty Beckett:
    1. Child Actors: Scotty Beckett by Bob
  32. Alfonso Bedoya:
    1. Great Character Actors: Alfonso Bedoya
  33. Ralph Bellamy:
    1. Famous Iowans: Ralph Bellamy
    2. ETV: Ralph Bellamy
  34. Jack Benny:
    1. Radio Hall of Fame: Jack Benny
    2. ETV: Jack Benny
    3. The Estate of Jack Benny
  35. Edgar Bergen:
    1. Radio Hall of Fame: Edgar Bergen
    2. Northwestern University: Edgar Bergen
  36. Milton Berle:
    1.'s Tribute to Milton Berle
    2. ETV: Milton Berle
  37. Willie Best:
    1. Great Character Actors: Willie Best
  38. Lyle Bettger:
    1. Classic Images, June 1997: Lyle Bettger
  39. Clem Bevans:
    1. Great Character Actors: Clem Bevans
  40. Rudy Bond:
    1. Rudy Bond: Everyman's Actor by Zane Stein
  41. Tommy Bond:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1997: Tommy Bond
  42. Ernest Borgnine:
    1. Phillip's Ernest Borgnine Tribute by Phillip Oliver
  43. Stephen Boyd:
    1. La page web de Stephen Boyd by Anna-Marie
    2. All About Stephen Boyd by Brigitte
    3. TVNow: Stephen Boyd
  44. William Boyd:
    1. Cowboy Pal: William Boyd- Hopalong Cassidy
  45. Neville Brand:
    1. Famous Iowans: Neville Brand
  46. Bobby Breen:
    1. Child Actors: Bobby Breen by Bob
  47. Charles D. Brown:
    1. Famous Iowans: Charles D. Brown
  48. Johnny Mack Brown:
    1. Cowboy Pal: Johnny Mack Brown
  49. Nigel Bruce:
    1. The Estate of Nigel Bruce
  50. George Burns:
    1. Classic Images, April 1996: George Burns
    2. ETV: George Burns
    3. Larry King Live: George Burns and Gracie Allen Remembered
  51. Raymond Burr:
    1. Meredy's Raymond Burr Trivia Mania
    2. Northern Stars: Raymond Burr
    3. ETV: Raymond Burr
  52. Francis X. Bushman:
    1. Silent Gents: Francis X. Bushman
  53. Louis Calhern:
    1. Great Character Actors: Louis Calhern
  54. Eddie Cantor:
    1. The Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society
    2.'s Tribute to Eddie Cantor
    3. Radio Hall of Fame: Eddie Cantor
  55. Harry Carey, Jr.:
    1. An Interview with Harry Carey, Jr.
  56. MacDonald Carey:
    1. Famous Iowans: MacDonald Carey
  57. John Carradine:
    1. Classic Images, April 1996: John Carradine
  58. Walter Catlett:
    1. Great Character Actors: Walter Catlett
  59. George Chakiris:
    1. The George Chakiris Homepage
  60. Gower Champion:
    1. Class Act: Gower Champion by Jim Johnson
  61. Jeff Chandler:
    1. Jeff Chandler-- A Tribute by Monica
    2. Jeff Chandler: Hollywood Hunk by Regina Ward
    3. Meredy's Jeff Chandler Tribute by Meredy
    4. Meredy's Jeff Chandler Trivia Mania
  62. Lon Chaney:
    1. American Masters: Lon Chaney
    2. Lon Chaney- Man of a Thousand Faces
    3. The Lon Chaney Home Page
    4. Lon Chaney Cabin
    5. Silent Gents: Lon Chaney
    6. Bright Lights Film Journal: Lon Chaney, Sr. --Supermasochist
  63. Lon Chaney, Jr.:
  64. Syd Chaplin:
    1. Silent Gents: Syd Chaplin
  65. Claude Chauvel:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, October 1998: Claude Chauvel
  66. Charley Chase:
    1. Slapstick's Charley Chase Quicktimes
    2. The World of Charley Chase
  67. Maurice Chevalier:
    1. Hollywood Legends: Maurice Chevalier by Michael Druxman
    2. The Estate of Maurice Chevalier
  68. Andy Clyde:
    1. Great Character Actors: Andy Clyde
  69. Lee J. Cobb:
    1. Lee J. Cobb: One Angry Man by Lionheart
  70. James Coburn:
    1.'s Tribute to James Coburn
    2. Movie Maker Magazine: James Coburn
  71. "Iron Eyes" Cody:
    1. Great Character Actors: "Iron Eyes" Cody
  72. Ronald Colman:
    1. Lynn's Ronald Colman Tribute by Lynn Dougherty
    2. Julie's Ronald Colman Pages by Julie Stowe
    3. Adina's Ronald Colman Gallery by Adina Zidon
  73. Chester Conklin:
    1. Famous Iowans: Chester Conklin
  74. Chuck Connors:
    1. The Chuck Connors Page by Jerry Enochson
  75. Jackie Coogan:
    1. Child Actors: Jackie Coogan by Bob
    2. Silent Gents: Jackie Coogan
  76. Jackie Cooper:
    1. Classic Movie Kids: Jackie Cooper
    2. Child Actors: Jackie Cooper
    3.'s Tribute to Jackie Cooper
    4. Our Gang: Jackie Cooper
    5. Historical Boys' Clothing: Jackie Cooper
    6. Columbia Oral History: Jackie Cooper on Louis B. Mayer
    7. Columbia Oral History: Jackie Cooper on TREASURE ISLAND
    8. Columbia Oral History: Jackie Cooper on Typecasting
    9. TVNow's Jackie Cooper schedule - when his films will be on TV
  77. George Coulouris:
    1. The George Coulouris Archive
  78. Noel Coward:
    1. Wicked Lady: Noel Coward
    2. PBS Great Performances: Noel Coward
  79. John Craig: 
    1. Classic Images, June 1997: John Craig
  80. Hume Cronyn:
    1. Northern Stars: Hume Cronyn
  81. Finaly Currie:
    1. Great Character Actors: Finlay Currie
  82. Tony Curtis:
    1. Tony Curtis-- Matinee Idol
    2. Brad Lang's Tribute to Tony Curtis
  83. Frankie Darro:
    1. The Frankie Darro Homepage by Linda Kay
  84. Ossie Davis:
    1. National Public Radio: 2004 Interview with Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee
  85. Sammy Davis, Jr.:
    1. The Sammy Davis, Jr. Association
    2. Africana: Sammy Davis, Jr.
  86. Don DeFore:
    1. Famous Iowans: Don DeFore
    2. The Don DeFore Fan Club
  87. Philippe de Lacey:
    1. Child Actors: Philippe de Lacey by Bob
  88. Anton Diffring:
    1. Great Character Actors: Anton Diffring
  89. Richard Dix:
    1. Silent Gents: Richard Dix
  90. Troy Donahue:
    1. Meredy's Troy DonahueTribute by Meredy
    2. Meredy's Troy Donahue Trivia Mania
  91. Robert Donat:
    1. Lynn's Robert Donat Tribute by Lynn Dougherty
    2. Wicked Lady: Robert Donat
  92. Brian Donlevy:
    1. The Brian Donlevy Homepage
  93. Tom Drake:
    1. Classic Images, May 1997: Tom Drake
  94. Bobby Driscoll:
    1. Child Actors: Bobby Driscoll by Bob
    2. Famous Iowans: Bobby Driscoll
  95. Jimmy Durante:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1998: Jimmy Durante
    2. The Estate of Jimmy Durante
  96. Buddy Ebsen:
    1. The Official Buddy Ebsen Website
  97. Nelson Eddy:
    1. Stephanie's Nelson Eddy Page by Stephanie Lloyd
    2. The Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Home Page
    3. Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy--A Tribute
    4. Reel Jewels: Nelson Eddy
  98. Jack Elam:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1998: Jack Elam
  99. James Ellison:
    1. Famous Iowans: James Ellison
  100. John Ericson:
    1. The Official John Ericson Web Site
  101. William Eythe:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1999: William Eythe
  102. Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.:
    1. The Douglas Fairbanks Museum
    2. Adina's Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Page by Adina
    3. The Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Page
    4. Silent Gents: Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
    5. They Had Faces Then: Douglas Fairbanks by Steve Magee
  103. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.:
    1. Silent Gents: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    2. The Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Homepage by Mark Toscani
    3. Adina's Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Page
    4. An Interview with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    5. U.S. Navy Beach Jumpers: Lt. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  104. David Farrar:
    1. Wicked Lady: David Farrar
  105. William Fawcett:
    1. Great Character Actors: William Fawcett
  106. W.C. Fields:
    1. The Larcenous Life and Work of W.C. Fields by Kevin Rayburn
    2. Silent Gents: W.C. Fields
    3. The Estate of W.C. Fields
  107. Jimmy Finlayson:
    1. Great Character Actors: Jimmy Finlayson
  108. Eddie Fisher:
    1. Eddie Fisher 2000
  109. Paul Fix:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1997: Paul Fix
  110. Glenn Ford:
    1. Glenn Ford Online
    2. Glenn Ford: A Life on Film
    3. Meredy's Glenn Ford Trivia Mania
    4.'s Glenn Ford Tribute
    5. Northern Stars: Glenn Ford
  111. Harrison Ford:
    1. Classic Images, September 1997: Harrison Ford
  112. John Forsythe:
    1. ETV: John Forsythe
  113. Byron Foulger:
    1. Great Character Actors: Byron Foulger
  114. Douglas Fowley:
    1. Great Character Actors: Douglas Fowley
  115. John Frederick:
    1. Famous Iowans: John Frederick
  116. John Garfield:
    1. John Garfield: The First Rebel
    2. John Garfield: The Original Screen Rebel Hero
    3. John Garfield: A Pictorial Filmography
    4. The Estate of John Garfield
  117. James Garner:
    1. Jeff's James Garner Page by Jeff Lang
    2. ETV: James Garner
  118. John Gavin:
    1. Meredy's John Gavin Tribute by Meredy
  119. Georges Guétary:
    1. Georges Guétary: Chanteur de Charme (in French)
  120. John Gilbert:
    1. The John Gilbert Appreciation Society
    2. Silent Gents: John Gilbert
  121. Robert Goulet:
    1. The Official Robert Goulet Site
  122. Farley Granger:
    1. The Farley Granger Scrapbook by Holly
  123. Stewart Granger:
    1. Stewart Granger Site
    2. Wicked Lady: Stewart Granger
  124. Gary Gray:
    1. Child Actors: Gary Gray by Bob
  125. Richard Greene:
    1. Classic Images, October 1997: Richard Greene
  126. Andy Griffith:
    1. ETV: Andy Griffith
  127. Alec Guinness:
    1. Alec Guinness: A Man of Many Parts by Mary Murphy
    2. Wicked Lady: Alec Guinness
  128. Jack Haley:
    1. Reel Jewels: Jack Haley
    2. FOGA, Winter '99/'00: Jack Haley
  129. John Hamilton:
    1. Great Character Actors: John Hamilton
  130. Lloyd Hamilton:
    1. Slapstick's Lloyd Hamilton Quicktimes
  131. Ty Hardin:
    1. The Official Ty Hardin Website.
  132. Richard Harris:
    1. A picture of Richard Harris
    2.'s Tribute to Richard Harris
  133. Robert Harron:
    1. Silent Gents: Robert Harron
  134. William S. Hart:
    1. Silent Era: William S. Hart by E.H. Larsen
    2. Silent Gents: William S. Hart
    3. Silent Star of the Month, December 1996: William S. Hart
  135. William Hartnell:
    1. Wicked Lady: William Hartnell
  136. Laurence Harvey:
    1. Lynn's Laurence Harvey Page by Lynn Dougherty
  137. Raymond Hatton:
    1. Famous Iowans: Raymond Hatton
  138. Rondo Hatton:
    1. Great Character Actors: Rondo Hatton
  139. Sessue Hayakawa:
    1. Silent Gents: Sessue Hayakawa
    2. Great Character Actors: Sessue Hayakawa
  140. Don Hayden:
    1. Great Character Actors: Don Hayden
  141. George "Gabby" Hayes:
    1. Great Character Actors: George "Gabby" Hayes
  142. Dick Haymes:
    1. The Dick Haymes Web Site by Susan Calter
    2. Classic Images, July 1997: Dick Haymes
  143. Van Heflin:
    1. Classic Images, April 1996: Van Heflin
  144. Percy Helton:
    1. Great Character Actors: Percy Helton
  145. Charles Herbert:
    1. Classic Images, December 1996: Charles Herbert
  146. Jack Holt: 
    1. Silent Gents: Jack Holt
  147. Oscar Homolka:
    1. Great Character Actors: Oscar Homolka
  148. Michael Hordern:
    1. Great Character Actors: Michael Hordern
  149. Ra Hould:
    1. Child Actors: Ra Hould by Bob
  150. Tim Hovey:
    1. Child Actors: Tim Hovey by Bob
  151. Ronnie Howard:
    1. Yahoo Groups: Ron Howard
  152. Arthur Hunnicutt:
    1. Great Character Actors: Arthur Hunnicutt
  153. Jimmy Hunt:
    1. Child Actors: Jimmy Hunt by Bob
  154. Jeffrey Hunter:
    1. Meredy's Jeffrey Hunter Trivia Mania
  155. Walter Huston:
    1. Northern Stars: Walter Huston
  156. John Ireland:
    1. Northern Stars: John Ireland
  157. Emil Jannings:
    1. Silent Gents: Emil Jannings
  158. Richard Johnson:
    1. The Richard Johnson Appreciation Page by Rhabyn
  159. Al Jolson:
    1. The International Al Jolson Society
    2. The Estate of Al Jolson
    3. Hollywood Legends: Al Jolson by Michael Druxman
  160. Dick Jones:
    1. Animation History: Pinocchio- Dick Jones
  161. James Earl Jones:
    1. Africana: James Earl Jones
    2. National Public Radio: 2004 - Interview with James Earl Jones
  162. Boris Karloff:
    1. The Estate of Boris Karloff
  163. Buster Keaton:
    1. The International Buster Keaton Society
    2. Leonard Maltin on Buster Keaton
    3. Slapstick's Buster Keaton Quicktimes
    4. Buster Keaton: From Butcher Boy to Scribe by Derek
    5. American Masters: Buster Keaton
    6. Columbia Oral History: Buster Keaton on Physical Comedy
    7. Generally Buster by Nora
    8. Silent Gents: Buster Keaton
    9. Juha's Buster Keaton Page
    10. Buster Keaton: Silent Genious
    11. Member sites of the Buster Keaton WebRing
  164. Brian Keith:
    1. The Brian Keith Site by Michele
  165. Cecil Kellaway:
    1. Great Character Actors: Cecil Kellaway
  166. Edgar Kennedy:
    1. Classic Images, May 1997: Edgar Kennedy
  167. Clarence Kolb:
    1. Great Character Actors: Clarence Kolb
  168. Ernie Kovacs:
    1. ETV: Ernie Kovacs
  169. Rod La Roque:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, August 1998: Rod La Roque
    2. Silent Gents: Rod La Roque
  170. Alan Ladd:
    1. Andrew's Alan Ladd Tribute by Andrew
    2. Meredy's Alan Ladd Trivia Mania
    3. CMGWW: The Estate of Alan Ladd
  171. David Ladd:
    1. Child Actors: David Ladd by Bob
  172. Bert Lahr:
    1. The Estate of Bert Lahr
  173. Lupino Lane:
    1. Slapstick's Lupino Lane Quicktimes
  174. Harry Langdon:
    1. The Harry Langdon Society
    2. Slapstick's Harry Langdon Quicktimes
    3. Silent Gents: Harry Langdon
    4. Famous Iowans: Harry Langdon
  175. Mario Lanza:
    1. The Magnificent Mario Lanza by Bobbie
  176. Lash Larue:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1996: Lash Larue
  177. Francis Lederer:
    1. Classic Images, June 1997: Francis Lederer
  178. Canada Lee:
    1. National Public Radio: 2004 - Blacklisting Canada Lee
  179. Mark Lester:
    1. Child Actors: Mark Lester by Bob
  180. Oscar Levant:
    1. Classical Net: Oscar Levant
  181. Jerry Lewis:
    1. The Jerry Lewis Fan Club
    2. Larry King Live: Jerry Lewis
    3. Larry King Live: Interview with Jerry Lewis
  182. Eric Linden:
    1. Classic Images, July 1997: Eric Linden
  183. Max Linder:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, August 1996: Max Linder
    2. Slapstick's Max Linder Quicktimes
    3. Silent Gents: Max Linder
  184. Harold Lloyd:
    1. American Masters: Harold Lloyd
    2. Slapstick's Harold Lloyd Quicktimes
    3. The Official "Hello Harold" Website
    4. Columbia Oral History: Harold Lloyd on SAFETY LAST
    5. Silent Gents: Harold Lloyd
    6. Short Sighted: Harold Lloyd by Patrick
    7. Silent Star of the Month, December 1995: Harold Lloyd
    8. Member sites of the Harold Lloyd WebRing
    9. FOGA, Winter 1997: Harold Lloyd
  185. Harold Lockwood:
    1. Silent Gents: Harold Lockwood
  186. John Loder:
    1. Wicked Lady: John Loder
  187. Herbert Lom:
    1. Wicked Lady: Herbert Lom
  188. Ben Lyon:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1998: Ben Lyon

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