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All of the sites listed here are about classic movie actors for whom I don't yet have a page. If my search engine brought you here instead of to one of my other pages, then I definitely suggest you check out these sites to help you find what you're looking for.  And if you've got a site you think I should add to this list, use the comment form to submit it.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

Individual Actor Pages: Last Names M-Z

  1. James MacArthur:
    1. The Official James MacArthur Digital Scrapbook
  2. Douglas MacLean:
    1. Classic Images, April 1997: Douglas MacLean
  3. John Mahoney:
    1. Famous Iowans: John Mahoney
  4. Lee Majors:
    1. Jeff's Lee Majors Page by Jeff Lang
  5. Rouben Mamoulian:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Rouben Mamoulian
  6. Hugh Marlowe:
    1. Famous Iowans: Hugh Marlowe
  7. Dean Martin:
    1. Andrew's Dean Martin Tribute by Andrew
    2. The Dean Martin Fan Center
    3. Dino's Lodge by Sammy Mazola Jr. 
    4. Larry King Live: Remembering Dean Martin
  8. Lock Martin:
    1. Lock Martin: Man of Steel
  9. Lee Marvin:
    1. Stars at War: Lee Marvin
  10. Groucho Marx:
    1. Radio Hall of Fame: Groucho Marx
    2. ETV: Groucho Marx
  11. Raymond Massey:
    1. Northern Stars: Raymond Massey
    2. Wicked Lady: Raymond Massey
  12. Jerry Mathers:
    1. Famous Iowans: Jerry Mathers
  13. Victor Mature:
    1. Mature's Matinee: The Unofficial Victor Mature Website by Shannon
  14. George 'Spanky' McFarland:
    1. CMGWW: The Estate of Spanky McFarland
  15. Frank McHugh:
    1. Red-Headed League: Frank McHugh
  16. Howard McNear:
    1. Great Character Actors: Howard McNear
  17. Steve McQueen:
    1. The Steve McQueen Tribute by Alyse Pozzo
    2. The First Steve McQueen Site by Chris
    3. The Estate of Steve McQueen
    4. The Steve McQueen Poster Site by Roger Harris
    5. Movie Maker Magazine: Steve McQueen
  18. Thomas Meighan:
    1. Silent Gents: Thomas Meighan
  19. Peter Miles:
    1. Child Actors: Peter Miles by Bob
  20. Sal Mineo:
    1. The Official Sal Mineo Homepage
  21. Tom Mix:
    1. Classic Images, April 1996: Tom Mix
    2. Classic Images, May 1996: Tom Mix
    3. Classic Images, August 1997: Tom Mix
    4. Silent Gents: Tom Mix
    5. Cowboy Pal: Tom Mix
  22. Harry R. "Tim" Moore:
    1. Great Character Actors: Harry R. "Tim" Moore
  23. Roger Moore:
    1. ETV: Roger Moore
  24. Antonio Moreno:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1996: Antonio Moreno
    2. Silent Gents: Antonio Moreno
  25. Frank Morgan:
    1. Great Character Actors: Frank Morgan
  26. George Murphy:
    1. Reel Jewels: George Murphy
  27. Conrad Nagel:
    1. Famous Iowans: Conrad Nagel
  28. Bob Newhart:
    1. ETV: Bob Newhart
  29. Anthony Newley:
    1. Judy's Anthony Newley Page
    2. A Picture of Anthony Newley
  30. Ramon Novarro:
    1. Ramon Novarro: MGM's Latin Lover
    2. Silent Star of the Month, February 1998: Ramon Novarro
    3. Silent Gents: Ramon Novarro
  31. Jack Oakie:
    1. Classic Images, February 1997: Jack Oakie
  32. Philip Ober:
    1. Great Character Actors: Philip Ober
  33. Hugh O'Brian:
    1. Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership
  34. Jack Palance:
    1. Stars at War: Jack Palance
  35. Fess Parker:
    1. The Fess Parker Film Page
  36. Larry Parks:
    1. Larry Parks Tribute Page
  37. Nat Pendleton:
    1. Famous Iowans: Nat Pendleton
  38. Gerald Perreau: see Peter Miles
  39. Snub Pollard:
    1. Slapstick's Snub Pollard Quicktimes
  40. Dick Powell:
    1. "Richard" at the Official June Allyson Site
    2. Reel Jewels: Dick Powell
    3. ETV: Dick Powell
  41. Tyrone Power:
    1. Tyrone Power: King of 20th Century-Fox
    2. Andrew's Tyrone Power Tribute by Andrew
    3. Lynn's Tyrone Power Page by Lynn Dougherty
    4. CMGWW: The Estate of Tyrone Power
    5. Meredy's Tyrone Power Trivia Mania
    6. FOGA, Winter 1997: Tyrone Power
    7.'s Tribute to Tyrone Power
  42. Elvis Presley:
    1. Elvis Presley at the Movies by Sandcastle
    2. FBI Freedom of Information: Elvis Presley
    3. Larry King Live: Elvis Presley Remembered
    4.'s Tribute to Elvis Presley
  43. Cameron Prud'Homme:
    1. Great Character Actors: Cameron Prud'Homme
  44. Anthony Quinn:
    1. My Time by Anthony Quinn
    2. Larry King Live: Anthony Quinn
    3. Larry King Live: Remembering Anthony Quinn
    4. Larry King Live: The Best of Interviews with Anthony Quinn
    5. CoLA: Anthony Quinn Library
    6. ThespianNet: Anthony Quinn
    7. The Golden Years: Anthony Quinn
    8. TVNow's monthly Anthony Quinn schedule
  45. Basil Rathbone:
    1. Andrew's Basil Rathbone Tribute by Andrew
    2. The Estate of Basil Rathbone
  46. Charles Ray:
    1. Silent Gents: Charles Ray
  47. Bob Reeves:
    1. Classic Images, October 1997: Bob Reeves
  48. George Reeves:
    1. Famous Iowans: George Reeves
  49. Wallace Reid:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, December 1997: Wallace Reid
    2. Silent Gents: Wallace Reid
  50. Tommy Rettig:
    1. Child Actors: Tommy Rettig by Bob
  51. Tex Ritter:
    1. Classic Images, April 1996: Tex Ritter
  52. James Robertson-Justice:
    1. Great Character Actors: James Robertson-Justice
  53. Paul Robeson:
    1. American Masters: Paul Robeson
    2. Africana: Paul Robeson
    3. FBI Freedom of Information: Paul Robeson
  54. Charles "Buddy" Rogers:
    1. In Memory of Charles "Buddy" Rogers by Adina
    2. Silent Gents: Charles "Buddy" Rogers
  55. Roy Rogers:
    1. The Official Roy Rogers- Dale Evans Website
    2. Cowboy Pal: Roy Rogers
    3. Margaret's Roy Rogers Website
  56. Will Rogers:
    1. American Masters: Will Rogers
    2. Red-Headed League: Will Rogers
    3. Ellen's Will Rogers Page
    4. Silent Gents: Will Rogers
    5. FBI Freedom of Information: Will Rogers
    6. CMGWW: The Estate of Will Rogers
  57. Robert Ryan:
    1. The Robert Ryan Homepage by Ginger
  58. Albert Salmi:
    1. Sandy's Albert Salmi Page by Sandy Grabman
    2. Albert Salmi
  59. Syd Saylor:
    1. Great Character Actors: Syd Saylor
  60. George C. Scott:
    1. A Tribute to George C. Scott by Brad Lang
    2. Movie Maker Magazine: George C. Scott
  61. Peter Sellers:
    1. CMGWW: The Estate of Peter Sellers
  62. Larry Semon:
    1. Slapstick's Larry Semon Quicktimes
  63. Omar Sharif:
    1. Africana: Omar Sharif
  64. Arthur Shields:
    1. What-a-character: Arthur Shields
  65. Milton Sills:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1997: Milton Sills
  66. Phil Silvers:
    1. The Phil Silvers Web Page
    2. Sgt. Bilko's Barracks
    3. Comedy-o-rama's Phil Silvers Page
    4. ETV: Phil Silvers
  67. Ronald Sinclair: see Ra Hould
  68. Red Skelton:
    1. Radio Hall of Fame: Red Skelton
    2. ETV: Red Skelton
  69. C. Aubrey Smith:
    1. What-a-character: C. Aubrey Smith
  70. Jack Smith:
    1. Classic Images, August 1997: Jack Smith
  71. Olan Soule:
    1. Great Character Actors: Olan Soule
  72. Al "Fuzzy" St. John:
    1. Great Character Actors: All "Fuzzy" St. John
  73. Rod Steiger:
    1.'s Rod Steiger Tribute
    2. Movie Maker Magazine: Rod Steiger
  74. Dean Stockwell:
    1. Child Actors: Dean Stockwell by Bob
    2. Dean Stockwell Appreciation Society
    3. What-a-character: Dean Stockwell
  75. Woody Strode:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Woody Strode
    2. What-a-character: Woody Strode
  76. Mack Swain:
    1. Silent Gents: Mack Swain
  77. Slim Summerville:
    1. What-a-character: Slim Summerville
  78. Dub Taylor:
    1. Classic Images, March 1997: Dub Taylor
  79. Kent Taylor:
    1. Famous Iowans: Kent Taylor
  80. Robert Taylor:
    1. Robert Taylor, Underrated and Misunderstood by Linda Alexander
    2. Meredy's Robert Taylor Tribute
    3. Meredy's Robert Taylor Trivia Mania
    4. FOGA, Summer 1999: Robert Taylor
  81. William Desmond Taylor:
    1. Silent Gents: William Desmond Taylor
  82. William 'Buckwheat' Thomas:
    1. CMGWW: The Estate of Buckwheat Thomas
  83. Rex Thompson:
    1. Child Actors: Rex Thompson by Bob
  84. Fred Thomson:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, December 1998: Fred Thomson
  85. Richard Todd:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1998: Richard Todd
  86. David Tomlinson:
    1. What-a-character: David Tomlinson
  87. Franchot Tone:
    1. Lynn's Franchot Tone Page by Lynn Dougherty
  88. Arthur Treacher:
    1. What-a-character: Arthur Treacher
  89. Philip Trent:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Philip Trent
  90. Forrest Tucker:
    1. Famous Iowans: Forrest Tucker
  91. Peter Ustinov:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Peter Ustinov
  92. Rudolph Valentino:
    1. Rudolph Valentino's Home on the Web
    2. The Estate of Rudolph Valentino
    3. Silent Star of the Month, February 1997: Rudolph Valentino
    4. Silent Gents: Rudolph Valentino
  93. Rudy Vallee:
    1. The Estate of Rudy Vallee
    2.'s Tribute to Rudy Vallee
  94. Conrad Veidt:
    1. The Conrad Veidt Society
    2. The German-Hollywood Connection: Conrad Veidt
    3. Silent Gents: Conrad Veidt
    4. Wicked Lady: Conrad Veidt
  95. Robert Walker:
    1. Robert Walker Tribute
    2. Since He Went Away - A Tribute to Robert Walker
  96. Eli Wallach:
    1. National Public Radio: 1990 - Interview with Eli Wallach
  97. Henry B. Walthall:
    1. Silent Era: Henry B. Walthall by E.H. Larsen
    2. Silent Gents: Henry B. Walthall
  98. David Warner:
    1. David Warner: A Tribute by Louise Hansen
  99. Jack Webb:
    1. American Legends: Jack Webb
    2. The Estate of Jack Webb
    3. ETV: Jack Webb
  100. Paul Wegener:
    1. Silent Era: Paul Wegener by E.H. Larsen
  101. Johnny Weissmuller:
    1. The Estate of Johnny Weissmuller
    2. The German-Hollywood Connection: Tazran (aka. Johnny Weissmuller)
  102. Dick Wesson:
    1. Great Character Actors: Dick Wesson
  103. Adam West:
    1. The Official Adam West Website
    2. Batman-- Adam West
  104. Guy Williams:
    1. Meredy's Guy Williams Trivia Mania
  105. Morgan Woodward:
    1. Classic Images, January 1997: Morgan Woodward
  106. Hank Worden:
    1. Great Character Actors: Hank Worden
    2. Hank Worden Official Web Site
  107. Robert Young:
    1. Anna's Tribute to Robert Young by Anna
    2. Brad Lang's Tribute to Robert Young
    3. Meredy's Robert Young Trivia Mania

Homepages about multiple classic actors:

  1. Silent Gents by David Pearson (thousands of pictures of silent stars)
  2. Chaplin and Hitchcock by Inon Shampanier (about Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock)
  3. CowboyPal, Home of the Silver Screen Cowboys (Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and many more)

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