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The pages linked to here don't really fit on any of my individual pages, but are worth a visit nonetheless, and most were even submitted to me by visitors like you. Check out these other great classic movie-related sites, and if you'd like me to consider yours for a link use the comment form to send me the URL.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

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Star Collections:

Trivia Sites:

About Westerns:

About Animation:

About Classic Horror Films:

About Other Movie Genres:

Fan Club Sites:

Movie Reviews:

Hollywood Art:

Movie and Hollywood History:

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Pages Promoting Classic Movie-related Books:

  1. Marilyn by Moonlight (about Jack Allen's book on Marilyn Monroe)
  2. The Wonderful World of Disney Television (about Bill Cotter's history and episode guide of every Disney television series)
  3. Scarlet Fever presents: "Yes, Mr. Selznick" by Marcella Rawbin (about the book by David O. Selznick's executive secretary who helped with the production of GONE WITH THE WIND and many of his other films).
  4. Femmes Noir: Bad Girls of Film (about the book by Karen Borroughs Hannsberry)
  5. Film and Fashion for the Oscars (about the series of Academy Award-related books available from Abbeville Press)

Commercial Sites:

  1. Frank Avruch: Boston's Man about Town by Frank Avruch (profiles Classic Movie showings in Boston at the Wang Center for the Performing Arts)
  2. CinemaClassics (a site about the theatre in New York that features classic films)
  3. Cinevent (an annual classic film convention in Columbus, Ohio)
  4. Cinemarquee by John Edgerton (with loads of film-related resources)
  5. by Jay Tierney (lots of reviews)
  6. Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Posters (with hundreds of classic movie poster images to admire)
  7. Classic Movie Postcards (where you can send electronic postcards to your friends)
  8. Classic Images (an online "golden age" film magazine)
  9. Scarlet Street ("the website of mystery and horror"--an online magazine with articles on film noir and horror films)
  10. Retro (an online magazine about anything that was ever cool in the first 3/4 of the 20th century)
  11. Cinemedia (with lots of film-related links)
  12. The American Society of Cinematographers
  13. (with information about film festivals world-wide)
  14. The Douris Collection: Classic Movies


  1. Member sites of the Classic Actors and Actresses of Film WebRing
  2. Member sites of the Greatest Entertainers WebRing by Marc Leavy 
  3. Member sites of the Silent Film WebRing
  4. Member sites of the B-Film WebRing by Jon Keeyes
  5. Member sites of the Great Directors WebRing
  6. Member sites of the Classic Movies and Musical Theatre WebRing
  7. Member sites of the Vintage Cartoons WebRing
  8. Member sites of the Only Legends WebRing
  9. Member sites of the Dr. Strangelove's Kubrickian WebRing

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