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 More Classic Actresses: Page 1

All of the sites listed here are about classic movie actresses for whom I don't yet have pages. If my search engine brought you here instead of to one of my other pages, then I definitely suggest you check out these sites to help you find what you're looking for.  And if you've got a site you think I should add to this list, use the comment form to submit it.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

Individual Actress Pages: Last Names A-L

  1. Edie Adams:
    1. Actresses of '60s and '70s: Edie Adams
  2. Renee Adoree:
    1. Silent Ladies: Renee Adoree by David
    2. Denny's Renee Adoree Page by Denny Jackson
  3. Gracie Allen:
    1. ETV: Gracie Allen
    2. Larry King Live: George Burns and Gracie Allen Remembered
  4. May Allison:
    1. Silent Ladies: May Allison by David
  5. The Andrews Sisters:
    1. Class Act: The Andrews Sisters by Jim Johnson
  6. Pier Angeli:
    1. Screen Sirens: Pier Angeli by Doug Stickney
    2. Denny's Pier Angeli Page by Denny Jackson
  7. Evelyn Ankers:
    1. Denny's Evelyn Ankers Page by Denny Jackson
  8. Ann-Margret:
    1. The Official Ann-Margret Web Site
    2. Ann-Margret's Official Fan Club
    3. Northwestern University: Ann-Margret
    4. Larry King Live: Ann-Margret
    5. Meredy's Ann-Margaret Trivia Mania
  9. Mary Astor:
    1. Denny's Mary Astor Page by Denny Jackson
    2. FOGA, Winter 1996: Mary Astor
  10. Olga Baclanova:
    1. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Olga Baclanova
  11. Mary Badham:
    1. ChildStarlets: Mary Badham
  12. Carroll Baker:
    1. Carroll Baker: Baby Doll by Lisa
    2. Screen Sirens: Carroll Baker by Doug Stickney
    3. The Official Carroll Baker Website
  13. Diane Baker:
    1. The Official Diane Baker/Bakerstreet Entertainment Website
  14. Josephine Baker:
    1. Silent Ladies: Josephine Baker by David
    2. CMGWW: The Estate of Josephine Baker
  15. Anne Bancroft:
    1.'s Anne Bancroft Tribute
  16. Vilma Banky:
    1. Silent Ladies: Vilma Banky by David
  17. Theda Bara:
    1. Silent Ladies: Theda Bara by David
    2. Classic Images, July 1996: Theda Bara
    3. Denny's Theda Bara Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Silent Star of the Month, May 1996: Theda Bara
  18. Lynn Bari:
    1. Classic Images, February 1997: Lynn Bari
  19. Brigitte Bardot:
    1. Screen Sirens: Brigitte Bardot
    2. Belles de Jour: Brigitte Bardot
    3. Denny's Brigitte Bardot Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Intimate Portraits: Brigitte Bardot
  20. Barbara Beaird:
    1. ChildStarlets: Barbara Beaird
  21. Kathryn Beaumont:
    1. Don's Kathryn Beaumont Tribute by Don Brockway
  22. Barbara Bel Geddes:
    1. HK Leading Ladies: Barbara Bel Geddes
  23. Madge Bellamy:
    1. Silent Ladies: Madge Bellamy by David
    2. Silent Star of the Month, November 1996: Madge Bellamy
  24. Constance Bennett:
    1. Screen Sirens: Constance Bennett by Doug Stickney
    2. FOGA, Winter 1997: Constance Bennett
  25. Joan Bennett:
    1. Screen Sirens: Joan Bennett by Doug Stickney
    2. Denny's Joan Bennett Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Joan Geraldine Bennett by Michelle
  26. Polly Bergen:
    1. Meredy's Polly Bergen Trivia Mania
    2. Meredy's Polly Bergen Tribute by Meredy
  27. Sarah Bernhardt:
    1. Classic Images, June 1997: Sarah Bernhardt
  28. Tala Birell:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1999: Tala Birell
  29. Ann Blyth:
    1. Screen Sirens: Ann Blyth by Doug Stickney
    2. HK Leading Ladies: Ann Blyth
  30. Eleanor Boardman:
    1. Silent Ladies: Eleanor Boardman by David
    2. Silent Star of the Month, March 1997: Eleanor Boardman
  31. Olive Borden:
    1. Silent Ladies: Olive Borden by David
  32. Clara Bow:
    1. Clara Bow by Adina
    2. Silent Ladies: Clara Bow by David
    3. The Estate of Clara Bow
    4. Film Comment, Jan/Feb 2000: Clara Bow
    5. Denny's Clara Bow Page by Denny Jackson
    6. They Had Faces Then: Clara Bow by Steve Magee
    7. Silent Star of the Month, January 1996: Clara Bow
  33. Lucille Bremer:
    1. Class Act: Lucille Bremer by Jim Johnson
  34. Evelyn Brent:
    1. Silent Ladies: Evelyn Brent by David
  35. Mary Brian:
    1. Silent Ladies: Mary Brian by David
  36. Morgan Brittany:
    1. ChildStarlets: Morgan Brittany
  37. Betty Bronson:
    1. Silent Ladies: Betty Bronson by David
  38. Louise Brooks:
    1. The Louise Brooks Society
    2. Silent Ladies: Louise Brooks by David
    3. Denny's Louise Brooks Page by Denny Jackson
  39. Terry Burnham:
    1. ChildStarlets: Terry Burnham
  40. Phyllis Calvert:
    1. Wicked Lady: Phyllis Calvert
  41. Sue Carol:
    1. Silent Ladies: Sue Carol by David
  42. Leslie Caron:
    1. Screen Sirens: Leslie Caron by Doug Stickney
  43. Joan Carroll:
    1. ChildStarlets: Joan Carroll
  44. Nancy Carroll:
    1. Silent Ladies: Nancy Carroll by David
    2. "Babyface": A Tribute to Nancy Carroll by Suzanne
    3. Denny's Nancy Carroll Page by Denny Jackson
  45. Madeleine Carroll:
    1. Wicked Lady: Madeleine Carroll
  46. Jean Carson:
    1. Hello Doll: The Official Jean Carson Website
  47. Ann Carter:
    1. ChildStarlets: Ann Carter
  48. Angela Cartwright:
    1. Angela Cartwright: The Official Web Page by Jesse
    2. The Angela Cartwright Home Page
    3. ChildStarlets: Angela Cartwright
  49. Veronica Cartwright:
    1. ChildStarlets: Veronica Cartwright
  50. Adriana Casselotti:
    1. Animation History: Snow White- Adriana Casselotti
  51. Mary Grace Canfield:
    1. The Official Mary Grace Canfield Home Page
  52. Joan Caulfield:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Joan Caulfield
  53. Marge Champion:
    1. Class Act: Marge Champion by Jim Johnson
  54. Helen Chandler:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1998: Helen Chandler
  55. Ruth Chatterton:
    1. Denny's Ruth Chatterton Page by Denny Jackson
  56. Virginia Christine:
    1. Famous Iowans: Virginia Christine
  57. Julie Christie:
    1. Joe's Julie Christie Page
    2. Star Archive: Julie Christie
  58. Marguerite Clark:
    1. Silent Ladies: Marguerite Clark by David
    2. Denny's Marguerite Clark Page by Denny Jackson
  59. Rosemary Clooney:
    1. Reel Jewels: Rosemary Clooney
  60. Cora Sue Collins:
    1. ChildStarlets: Cora Sue Collins
  61. Joan Collins:
    1. The Official Joan Collins Web Site
  62. Donna Corcoran:
    1. Child Actresses: Donna Corcoran by Bob
    2. ChildStarlets: Donna Corcoran
  63. Noreen Corcoran:
    1. ChildStarlets: Noreen Corcoran
  64. Mara Corday:
    1. The Official Mara Corday Web Page
  65. Hazel Court:
    1. Wicked Lady: Hazel Court
  66. Yvonne Craig:
    1. All About Yvonne Craig
    2. Ty's Yvonne Craig Homepage
    3. Batgirl-- Yvonne Craig
  67. Arlene Dahl:
    1. Larry King Live: Arlene Dahl
  68. Lili Damita:
    1. Silent Ladies: Lili Damita by David
    2. Denny's Lili Damita Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Famous Iowans: Lili Damita
  69. Viola Dana:
    1. Silent Ladies: Viola Dana by David
  70. Dorothy Dandridge:
    1. Dorothy Dandridge by Phillip Oliver
    2. Denny's Dorothy Dandridge Page by Denny Jackson
    3. FOGA, Winter 1998: Dorothy Dandridge
  71. Bebe Daniels:
    1. Silent Ladies: Bebe Daniels
    2. Silent Star of the Month, September 1996: Bebe Daniels
  72. Jean Darling:
    1. The Jean Darling Homepage
  73. Linda Darnell:
    1. Forever Linda: The Linda Darnell Webpage by Perry Johnson
    2. Lynn's Linda Darnell Page
    3. Screen Sirens: Linda Darnell by Doug Stickney
    4. Denny's Linda Darnell Page by Denny Jackson
  74. Marion Davies:
    1. Silent Ladies: Marion Davies
    2. Denny's Marion Davies Page by Denny Jackson
    3. They Had Faces Then: Marion Davies by Steve Magee
  75. Mildred Davis:
    1. Silent Ladies: Mildred Davis by David
  76. Laraine Day:
    1. Classic Images, May 1996: Laraine Day
  77. Yvonne De Carlo:
    1. Denny's Yvonne De Carlo by Denny Jackson
    2. Northern Stars: Yvonne De Carlo
  78. Lya De Putti:
    1. Silent Ladies: Lya De Putti by David
  79. Ruby Dee:
    1. National Public Radio: 2004 Interview with Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee
  80. Sandra Dee:
    1. The Legendary Sandra Dee
    2. Denny's Sandra Dee Page by Denny Jackson
  81. Gloria DeHaven:
    1. Class Act: Gloria DeHaven by Jim Johnson
  82. Delores Del Rio:
    1. Silent Ladies: Delores Del Rio
    2. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Delores Del Rio
  83. Sandy Descher:
    1. ChildStarlets: Sandy Descher
  84. Angie Dickinson:
    1. Larry King Live: Angie Dickinson
  85. Claire Dodd:
    1. Famous Iowans: Claire Dodd
  86. Faith Domergue:
    1. Classic Images, March 1997: Faith Domergue
  87. Diana Dors:
    1. Denny's Diana Dors Page by Denny Jackson
  88. Karen Dotrice:
    1. ChildStarlets: Karen Dotrice
  89. Billie Dove:
    1. Silent Ladies: Billie Dove
    2. Silent Star of the Month, May 1997: Billie Dove
  90. Marie Dressler:
    1. Silent Ladies Marie Dressler
  91. Nancy Drexel:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1999: Nancy Drexel
  92. Patty Duke:
    1. ChildStarlets: Patty Duke
  93. Ann Dvorak:
    1. Ann Dvorak, The Underground Goddess Tribute Site
  94. Barbara Eden:
    1. Barbara Eden's Official Fan Club
  95. Anita Ekberg:
    1. Screen Sirens: Anita Ekberg
  96. Hope Emerson:
    1. Famous Iowans: Hope Emerson
    2. Great Character Actors: Hope Emerson
  97. Katherine Emery:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Katherine Emery
  98. Jill Esmond:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1999: Jill Esmond
  99. Dale Evans:
    1. The Official Roy Rogers- Dale Evans Website
  100. Shelly Fabares:
    1. The Unofficial Shelly Fabares Homepage
    2. ChildStarlets: Shelly Fabares
  101. Nanette Fabray:
    1. WIC: Nanette Fabray
  102. Frances Farmer:
    1. Screen Sirens: Frances Farmer
  103. Geraldine Farrar:
    1. Silent Ladies: Geraldine Farrar
  104. Jesslyn Fax:
    1. Great Character Actors: Jesslyn Fax
  105. Alice Faye:
    1. The Alice Faye Website
    2. Class Act: Alice Faye by Jim Johnson
    3. Denny's Alice Faye Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Reel Jewels: Alice Faye
    5. FOGA, Fall 1999: Alice Faye
  106. Louise Fazenda:
    1. Silent Ladies: Louise Fazenda
  107. Verna Felton:
    1. Great Character Actors: Verna Felton
  108. Elsie Ferguson:
    1. Classic Images, March 1997: Elsie Ferguson
  109. Brigitte Fossey:
    1. ChildStarlets: Brigitte Fossey
  110. Anne Francis:
    1. The Official Anne Francis Web Site
    2. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Anne Francis
  111. Pamela Franklin:
    1. ChildStarlets: Pamela Franklin
  112. Pauline Frederick:
    1. Silent Ladies: Pauline Fredrick
    2. Denny's Pauline Frederick Page by Denny Jackson
  113. Kathleen Freeman:
    1. Great Character Actors: Kathleen Freeman
  114. Annette Funicello:
    1. ChildStarlets: Annette Funicello
  115. Beverly Garland:
    1. The Official Beverly Garland Home Page
  116. Janet Gaynor:
    1. Silent Ladies: Janet Gaynor
    2. Denny's Janet Gaynor Page by Denny Jackson
    3. They Had Faces Then: Janet Gaynor by Steve Magee
  117. Mimi Gibson:
    1. ChildStarlets: Mimi Gibson
  118. Wynne Gibson:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1999: Wynne Gibson
  119. Dorothy Gish:
    1. Silent Ladies: Dorothy Gish
  120. Lillian Gish:
    1. American Masters: Lillian Gish
    2. Silent Ladies: Lillian Gish
    3. Columbia Oral History: Lillian Gish Reminisces
    4. Columbia Oral History: Lillian Gish's Road to Fame
    5. Columbia Oral History: Lillian Gish on Russia
    6. Columbia Oral History: Lillian Gish on Film
    7. CMGWW: The Estate of Lillian Gish
    8. Denny's Lillian Gish Page by Denny Jackson
    9. They Had Faces Then: Lillian Gish by Steve Magee
  121. Paulette Goddard:
    1. Screen Sirens: Paulette Goddard by Doug Stickney
    2. Denny's Paulette Goddard Page by Denny Jackson
  122. Susan Gordon:
    1. ChildStarlets: Susan Gordon
  123. Betty Grable:
    1. Betty Grable Online by Silent Sam
    2. The Estate of Betty Grable
    3. Clickable Bombshells: Betty Grable by Dawn Marie
    4. Denny's Betty Grable Page by Denny Jackson
    5. Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame: Betty Grable
    6. Child Actresses: Betty Grable by Bob
    7. Betty Grable Photo Tribute by Tony
  124. Bonita Granville:
    1. Remembering Bonita Granville
    2. ChildStarlets: Bonita Granville
  125. Dolores Gray:
    1. Class Act: Dolores Gray by Jim Johnson
  126. Gilda Gray:
    1. Classic Images, May 1997: Gilda Gray
  127. Sally Gray:
    1. Wicked Lady: Sally Gray
  128. Mitzi Green:
    1. Child Actresses: Mitzi Green by Bob
  129. Jane Greer:
    1. Screen Sirens: Jane Greer by Doug Stickney
  130. Corrine Griffith:
    1. Silent Ladies: Corrine Griffith
  131. Karolyn Grimes:
    1. The Zuzu News: The Official Homepage of Karolyn Grimes
    2. ChildStarlets: Karolyn Grimes
  132. Ann Harding:
    1. Denny's Ann Harding Page
  133. Jean Harlow:
    1. Lynn's Jean Harlow Page
    2. Meredy's Jean Harlow Tribute by Meredy
    3. Screen Sirens: Jean Harlow by Doug Stickney
    4. Silent Ladies: Jean Harlow
    5. Clickable Bombshells: Jean Harlow by Dawn Marie
    6. Denny's Jean Harlow Page by Denny Jackson
    7. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Jean Harlow
    8. Meredy's Jean Marlow Trivia Mania
    9. CMGWW: The Estate of Jean Harlow
  134. Mary Lou Harrington:
    1. ChildStarlets: Mary Lou Harrington
  135. Marilyn Harris:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1997: Marilyn Harris
  136. Kathleen Harrison:
    1. Wicked Lady: Kathleen Harrison
  137. Lilian Harvey:
    1. Silent Ladies: Lilian Harvey
  138. June Haver:
    1. Denny's June Haver Page by Denny Jackson
  139. Susan Hayward:
    1. The Estate of Susan Hayward
    2. Andrew's Susan Hayward Tribute by Andrew
    3. Susan Hayward Georgia Web Page by Perry Johnson
    4. Meredy's Susan Hayward Tribute by Meredy
    5. Meredy's Susan Hayward Trivia Mania
    6. Screen Sirens: Susan Hayward by Doug Stickney
    7. Denny's Susan Hayward Page by Denny Jackson
    8. Ginger's Susan Hayward Homepage by Ginger
    9. The Golden Years: Susan Hayward
  140. Eileen Heckart:
    1. MTMShow: Eilen Heckart
  141. Tippi Hedren:
    1. Larry King Live: Tippi Hedren
    2. Introducing Tippi Hedren (in French)
    3. Larry King Live: Reminiscing about Alfred Hitchcock
  142. Anna Held:
    1. Silent Ladies: Anna Held
  143. Brigitte Helm:
    1. Silent Ladies: Brigitte Helm
  144. Gale Henry:
    1. Slapstick's Gale Henry Quicktimes
  145. Harriet Hilliard:
    1. Famous Iowans: Harriet Hilliard Nelson
    2. ETV: Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
  146. Joy Hodges:
    1. Famous Iowans: Joy Hodges
  147. Gertrude Hoffman:
    1. Great Character Actors: Gertrude Hoffman
  148. Gloria Holden:
    1. ShillPages: Gloria Holden by Steve Hill
  149. Betty Holt:
    1. Child Actresses: Betty Holt by Bob
  150. Miriam Hopkins:
    1. Denny's Miriam Hopkins Page by Denny Jackson
  151. Marsha Hunt:
    1. Classic Images, April 1997: Marsha Hunt
  152. Martita Hunt:
    1. Great Classic Movies: Martita Hunt
  153. Betty Hutton:
    1. Denny's Betty Hutton Page by Denny Jackson
    2. HK Leading Ladies: Betty Hutton
    3. The Betty Hutton Story
    4. FOGA, Summer 1999: Betty Hutton
  154. Sherry Jackson:
    1. ChildStarlets: Sherry Jackson
  155. Joni James:
    1. The Joni James Homepage by Giuseppe
  156. Sybil Jason:
    1. Class Act: Sybil Jason by Jim Johnson
    2. Child Actresses: Sybil Jason by Bob
    3. ChildStarlets: Sybil Jason
  157. Gloria Jean:
    1. Gloria Jean, Child Star
    2. Child Actresses: Gloria Jean by Bob
  158. Anne Jeffreys:
    1. Journal of Longevity: Anne Jeffreys
  159. Ann Jillian:
    1. Meredy's Ann Jillian Tribute by Meredy
    2. Meredy's Ann Jillian Trivia Mania
    3. ChildStarlets: Ann Jillian
  160. Rosamund John:
    1. Wicked Lady: Roasmund John
  161. Celia Johnson:
    1. Wicked Lady: Celia Johnson
  162. Leatrice Joy:
    1. Silent Ladies: Leatrice Joy
    2. FOGA, Winter '99/'00: Leatrice Joy
  163. Peggy Hopkins Joyce:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1999: Peggy Hopkins Joyce
  164. Ruby Keeler:
    1. Northern Star: Ruby Keeler
    2. Harry Warren Music: Star of the Month, Ruby Keeler
  165. Jean Kent:
    1. Wicked Lady: Jean Kent
  166. Evelyn Keyes:
    1. Evelyn Keyes: A True American Actress by Ron Hunt
  167. Andrea King:
    1. The Official Andrea King Web Site
  168. Cammie King:
    1. The Official Cammie King Home Page by Pierce and Shelly
  169. Nancy Kwan:
    1. Nancy Kwan: Hong Kong's Gift to Hollywood
  170. Laura La Plante:
    1. Silent Ladies: Laura La Plante
  171. Veronica Lake:
    1. Screen Sirens: Veronica Lake by Doug Stickney
    2. Denny's Veronica Lake Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Peek-a-boo Bang: A Tribute to Veronica Lake
  172. Barbara LaMarr:
    1. Silent Ladies: Barbara La Marr
    2. Barbara LaMarr--Burned at Both Ends by Adina
    3. Classic Images, May 1996: Barbara LaMarr
    4. Denny's Barbara LaMarr Page by Denny Jackson
  173. Dorothy Lamour:
    1. Denny's Dorothy Lamour Page by Denny Jackson
    2. FOGA, Winter 1996: Dorothy Lamour
  174. Elissa Landi:
    1. Denny's Elissa Landi Page by Denny Jackson
  175. Carole Landis:
    1. The Carole Landis List (subscribe to receive emails from other fans)
    2. Denny's Carole Landis Page by Denny Jackson
  176. Jessie Royce Landis:
    1. Great Character Actors: Jessie Royce Landis
  177. Lola Lane:
    1. Famous Iowans: Lola Lane
  178. Priscilla Lane:
    1. Famous Iowans: Priscilla Lane
  179. Joi Lansing:
    1. Denny's Joi Lansing Page by Denny Jackson
    2. Screen Sirens: Joi Lansing
  180. Piper Laurie:
    1. The Piper Laurie Shrine by Brian
  181. Florence Lawrence:
    1. Silent Ladies: Florence Lawrence
  182. Cloris Leachman:
    1. Famous Iowans: Cloris Leachman
  183. Brenda Lee:
    1. Child Actresses: Brenda Lee by Bob
  184. Gypsy Rose Lee:
    1. The Estate of Gypsy Rose Lee
  185. Lila Lee:
    1. Columbia Oral History: Lila Lee on "Fatty" Arbuckle
    2. Columbia Oral History: Lila Leeon Cecil B. DeMille
  186. Peggy Lee:
    1. Loving-Lee: The Peggy Lee Page
    2. WIC: Peggy Lee
  187. Margaret Lindsay:
    1. Famous Iowans: Margaret Lindsay
  188. June Lockhart:
    1. Meredy's June Lockhart Trivia Mania
  189. Margaret Lockwood:
    1. Wicked Lady: Margaret Lockwood
  190. Gina Lollobrigida:
    1. The Gina Lollobrigida Page by Michael Wright
  191. Audrey Long:
    1. FOGA, Winter '99/'00: Audrey Long
  192. Sophia Loren:
    1. Sophia Loren: The Epitome of Woman by Spyder
    2. Screen Sirens: Sophia Loren by Doug Stickney
    3. Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame: Sophia Loren
    4.'s Tribute to Sophia Loren
    5. CMGWW: The Official Sophia Loren Web Site
  193. Marion Lorne:
    1. Great Character Actors: Marion Lorne
  194. Bessie Love:
    1. Silent Ladies: Bessie Love
  195. Lottie Lyell:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, July 1996: Lottie Lyell
  196. Carol Lynley:
    1. The Official Carol Lynley Home Page
    2. The World's First Carol Lynley Fan Page
    3. FOGA, Spring 1999: Carol Lynley
  197. Vera Lynn:
    1. We'll Meet Again: Vera Lynn

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