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Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
judy_obrien_stl_snow.jpg (22334 bytes) judy_obrien_stl_snow.jpg Judy with Margaret O'Brien in the snow in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. scanned from Directed by Vincente Minnelli by Stephen Harvey (1989).
judy_obrien_stlouis_bench.jpg (17527 bytes) judy_obrien_stlouis_
Judy with Margaret O'Brien and Tom Drake in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. courtesy The Palace.
judy_stl_banister.jpg (17297 bytes) judy_stl_banister.jpg Judy and Tom Drake at the banister on MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. courtesy The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute.
judy_stl_boynext_window.jpg (8987 bytes) judy_stl_boynext_
Judy singing "The Boy Next Door" in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. courtesy Liz.
judy_stlouis_poster.jpg (24849 bytes) judy_stlouis_poster.jpg A poster from MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. courtesy Greatest Films.
stlouis_agnes_tootie_halloween.jpg (10301 bytes) stlouis_agnes_
Margaret O'Brien and Joan Carroll dressed up for Halloween. courtesy Liz.
stlouis_bambootreedance.jpg (70969 bytes) stlouis_bambootreedance.jpg Judy and Margaret O'Brien dancing a cake walk to "Under the Bamboo Tree." courtesy Microsoft Cinemania.
stlouis_obrien_chillwills_icetruck.jpg (10925 bytes) stlouis_obrien_
Margaret O'Brien and Chill Wills delivering ice. courtesy Liz.
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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