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Bette Davis Put On Victim List By Film Novice

by Harold Heffernan

The Daily Oklahoman  August 27, 1941

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 26. -- (NANA) --

A movie theft that Hollywood at once chalked up as grand instead of petty larceny is making its perpetrator the most talked-about young woman in films.

The arch thief is Teresa Wright. The victim? None other than Bette Davis, long considered an invulnerable target in any competition.

Unknown, unheralded, the 22-year-old Teresa (she looks a wide-eyed 16-year-old) stepped into "The Little Foxes" without previous screen experience and knocked Bette and every other cast member for a row of tarnished Oscars.

Of course, Bette had a sour and altogether unfitting role, but that can't detract from the performance turned in by Teresa who plays her daughter.

Miss Wright came to "The Little Foxes" from a role in Broadway's "Life With Father." She had never been inside a studio before. The foxy Sam Goldwyn signed her to a five-year contract, and she'll alternate now between stage and screen. At present she is rehearsing on Broadway for the opening of "The King's Maid," in which she has the feminine lead.

Wait a few weeks until "The Little Foxes" has hit most American screens -- then watch the cry sure to be set up by fandom for more of Teresa and in a hurry. In my hmble [sic] opinion, she's the best bet Hollywood has yanked off the Broadway boards in a good many years.

© 1941 The Daily Oklahoman

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