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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
astaire_judy_easter_snooky.jpg (18016 bytes) astaire_judy_
Judy and Fred Astaire singing "Snooky Ookums" in EASTER PARADE. courtesy The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute
judy_faceshot_older.jpg (6718 bytes) judy_faceshot_older.jpg A portrait of Judy in her 40s. courtesy Microsoft Cinemania
judy_faceshot_teen.jpg (10129 bytes) judy_faceshot_teen.jpg A portrait of Judy as a teenager.  
judy_harveyg_solotrain.jpg (26949 bytes) judy_harveyg_solotrain.jpg Singing "In the Valley Where the Evening Sun Goes Down" on the train in THE HARVEY GIRLS. courtesy Misc. Movie Material
judy_hlamarr_lturner_ziegfeld.jpg (14597 bytes) judy_hlamarr_
With Heddy Lamar and Lana Turner in a publicity still for ZIEGFELD GIRL. courtesy Mitali's Images on Film (no longer online)
judy_kelly_mickey_words&music_poster.jpg (23632 bytes) judy_kelly_mickey_
A poster from WORDS AND MUSIC.  
judy_lansbury_harveygirls_guns.jpg (18200 bytes) judy_lansbury_
Judy and her guns in THE HARVEY GIRLS. scanned from Angela Lansbury: A Life on Stage and Screen by Rob Edelman and Audrey E. Kupferberg (1996).
judy_obrien_stlouis_bench.jpg (17527 bytes) judy_obrien_
Judy with Margaret O'Brien and Tom Drake in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. courtesy The Palace
judy_portrait.jpg (8951 bytes) judy_portrait.jpg A publicity portrait. scanned from an original studio archive portrait
judy_silverlining_cloudsrollby.jpg (18029 bytes) judy_silverlining_
Singing "Look for the Silver Lining" in 'TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY. scanned from Directed by Vincente Minnelli by Stephen Harvey (1989).
judy_starborn_hands.jpg (21542 bytes) judy_starborn_hands.jpg A still from A STAR IS BORN. scanned from Hollywood Classics 1996 calendar
judy_starborn_poster.jpg (10006 bytes) judy_starborn_poster.jpg A poster from A STAR IS BORN. courtesy Greatest Films
judy_summerstock_gethappy.jpg (11319 bytes) judy_summerstock_
The "Get Happy" number from SUMMER STOCK courtesy The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute
judy_summerstock_poster.jpg (22934 bytes) judy_summerstock_
A poster from SUMMER STOCK. courtesy Greatest Films
judy_wizoz_ohmy_small.jpg Judy with a look of surprise in THE WIZARD OF OZ. courtesy The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute
wizoz_cdcover_cropped.jpg (13777 bytes) wizoz_cdcover_cropped.jpg A CD cover from the soundtrack to THE WIZARD OF OZ.  

*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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