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Fred Astaire

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
astaire_berlin.jpg (9733 bytes) astaire_berlin.jpg Fred with Irving Berlin. courtesy Mirrorpix.
astaire_bing_blueskies_poster.jpg (21796 bytes) astaire_bing_
A poster from BLUE SKIES. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (December 1995, page 7).
astaire_blueskies_manyfred.jpg (15692 bytes) astaire_blueskies_
Fred and duplicates dancing to "Puttin' on the Ritz" from BLUE SKIES. scanned from Together Again! The Stories of the Great Hollywood Teams by Garson Kanin (1981).
astaire_burns_allen_damseldistress_lobby.jpg (22445 bytes) astaire_burns_allen_
A lobby card from A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
astaire_charisse_bandwagon_poster.jpg (21537 bytes) astaire_charisse_
A poster from THE BAND WAGON. courtesy Posteritati.
astaire_charisse_bandwagon_pubstill.jpg (9149 bytes) astaire_charisse_
Fred with Cyd Charisse in a publicity still from THE BAND WAGON. courtesy Mirrorpix.
astaire_charisse_silkstockings_dance.jpg (13933 bytes) astaire_charisse_
Dancing with Cyd Charisse in SILK STOCKINGS. scanned from Films and Filming (April 1987, page 29).
astaire_faceshot.jpg (7801 bytes) astaire_faceshot.jpg A head and shoulders portrait of Fred. courtesy Microsoft Cinemania.
astaire_finians_dancing.jpg (17657 bytes) astaire_finians_dancing.jpg Fred dancing in FINNIAN'S RAINBOW. courtesy Mirrorpix.
astaire_ginger_shallwedance_poster.jpg (27216 bytes) astaire_ginger_
A poster from SHALL WE DANCE. courtesy Greatest Films.
astaire_hayworth_nevergetrich_poster.jpg (26339 bytes) astaire_hayworth_
A poster from YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH. courtesy Greatest Films.
astaire_joanleslie_skyslimit.jpg (10300 bytes) astaire_joanleslie_skyslimit.jpg Fred with Joan Leslie in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. courtesy Mirrorpix.
astaire_judy_easter_snooky.jpg (18016 bytes) astaire_judy_
Fred and Judy in EASTER PARADE. courtesy The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute.
astaire_kelly_thatse_part2_poster.jpg (28147 bytes) astaire_kelly_thatse_part2_
A poster from THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! PART 2. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
astaire_lifecover_25aug41.jpg (13037 bytes) astaire_lifecover_25aug41.jpg Fred on the cover of the August 25, 1941 issue of LIFE Magazine. courtesy the LIFE Magazine Homepage.
astaire_newman_smcqueen_toweringinferno_poster.jpg (27090 bytes) astaire_newman_smcqueen_
A poster from THE TOWERING INFERNO. courtesy NorCalMovies.
astaire_portrait.jpg (7518 bytes) astaire_portrait.jpg A portrait of Astaire in top hat, white tie and tails. scanned from an original studio archive photo.
astaire_reynolds_pleasurecompany_poster.jpg (72443 bytes) astaire_reynolds_
A poster from THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
astaire_royalwedding_allworld_walls.jpg (14349 bytes) astaire_royalwedding_
Astaire dancing on the walls in ROAYAL WEDDING. scanned from Hollywood Musicals by Ted Sennett (1981).
astaire_secondchorus_lobby.jpg (15204 bytes) astaire_secondchorus_
A lobby card from SECOND CHORUS. courtesy Cinemagic.
astaire_skelton_3littlewords_lobby.jpg (22857 bytes) astaire_skelton_3littlewords_
A lobby card from THREE LITTLE WORDS. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
audrey_astaire_funnyface_dancing.jpg (17325 bytes) audrey_astaire_
Dancing with Audrey Hepburn in FUNNY FACE. from Erik's Audrey Hepburn Page (no longer online).
bing_astaire_holidayinn_poster.jpg (21666 bytes) bing_astaire_holidayinn_
A poster from HOLIDAY INN. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
caron_astaire_daddylonglegs_halfsh.jpg (25973 bytes) caron_astaire_
A half-sheet poster from DADDY LONG LEGS. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
epowell_astaire_bdwymelody1940.jpg (40391 bytes) epowell_astaire_
With Eleanor Powell in BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940. scanned from BFI-NFT Programming Guide (November / December 1999) page 32.
fg_divorcee_pubshot.jpg (13081 bytes) fg_divorcee_pubshot.jpg A publicity still with Ginger Rogers for THE GAY DIVORCEE. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
fred_fleet_band.jpg (15351 bytes) fred_fleet_band.jpg Directing the band in FOLLOW THE FLEET. scanned from The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Book by Arlene Croce (1972).
judy_astaire_swells_easterparade.jpg (11943 bytes) judy_astaire_swells_
With Judy Garland in EASTER PARADE. courtesy Mirrorpix.
judy_easterparade_poster.jpg (26113 bytes) judy_easterparade_
A poster from EASTER PARADE. courtesy The Movie Posters Page.
mgm_ziegfeldfollies_poster.jpg (21783 bytes) mgm_ziegfeldfollies_
A poster from ZIEGFELD FOLLIES. courtesy Greatest Films.
mreynolds_astaire_bing_holidayinn_drunk.jpg (36756 bytes) mreynolds_astaire_bing_
With Marjorie Reynolds and Bing Crosby in HOLIDAY INN. scanned from BFI-NFT Programming Guide (November / December 1999) page 33.
peck_ava_astaire_perkins_onthebeach_poster.jpg (65050 bytes) peck_ava_astaire_perkins_
A poster from ON THE BEACH. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
veraellen_astaire_belleny_poster.jpg (17599 bytes) veraellen_astaire_
A poster from THE BELLE OF NEW YORK. courtesy Cinemagic.
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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