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Margaret O'Brien

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  • Margaret O'Brien : A Career Chronicle and Biography by Allan R. Ellenberger with forwards by Robert Young and Margaret O'Brien (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Company, 2000).
  • My diary by Margaret O'Brien; with drawings by the author and a foreword by Lionel Barrymore (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1948).

Referenced in:

  • The Great Movie Stars 1: The Golden Years by David Shipman (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1995).
  • Hollywood Kids : Child Stars of the Silver Screen from 1903 to the Present by Thomas G. Aylesworth (New York: Dutton, 1987).
  • Great Child Stars by James Robert Parish (New York: Ace Books, 1976).
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The Books/ Plays of her Films:

  • Journey for Margaret by William Lindsay White (New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1941).
  • Madame Curie by Eve Curie (1937).
  • Jane Eyre : an autobiography by Charlotte Brontė (London : Smith, Elder, 1847).
  • Meet Me in St. Louis by Sally Benson (New York City: Random House, 1942).
  • Lord Arthur Savile's crime & other stories by Oscar Wilde (London : J.R. Osgood, McIlvaine and Co., 1891).
    (inspiration for THE CANTERVILLE GHOST)
  • For Our Vines Have Tender Grapes by George Victor Martin (New York: 1940).
  • "Three wise fools; a comedy in three acts." by Austin Strong (New York: French, 1923).
  • Little Women, Or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy by Louisa May Alcott (Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1868).
  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1911).
  • Heller with a Gun by Louis L'Amour (Gold Medal, 1954).
    (inspiration for HELLER IN PINK TIGHTS)
For more information about locating any of the above books, visit this page: Classic Movie Merchandise: Books.



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