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Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

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Academy Awards:
 1933FLYING DOWN TO RIOBest Song Nomination:
"Carioca" by Edward Eliscu (lyrics), Gus Kahn (lyrics), and Vincent Youmans (music)
winner1934THE GAY DIVORCEEBest Song Oscar:
"The Continental" by Con Conrad (music) and Herb Magidson (lyrics)
 1934THE GAY DIVORCEEBest Art Direction Nomination:
Carroll Clark and Van Nest Polglase
 1934THE GAY DIVORCEEBest Musical Scoring Nomination:
Samuel Hoffenstein and Kenneth S. Webb
 1934THE GAY DIVORCEEBest Picture Nomination:
Pandro S. Berman
 1934THE GAY DIVORCEEBest Sound Recording:
Dreher, Carl (RKO Radio SSD)
 1935ROBERTABest Song Nomination:
"Lovely to Look at" by Dorothy Fields (lyrics), Jerome Kern (music), and Jimmy McHugh (lyrics)
 1935TOP HATBest Art Direction Nomination:
Carroll Clark and Van Nest Polglase
 1935TOP HATBest Dance Direction Nomination:
"Piccolino" and "Top Hat" by Hermes Pan
 1935TOP HATBest Song Nomination:
"Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin
 1935TOP HATBest Picture Nomination:
Pandro S. Berman
winner1936SWING TIMEBest Song Oscar:
"The Way You Look Tonight" by Dorothy Fields (lyrics) and Jerome Kern (music)
 1936SWING TIMEBest Dance Direction Nomination:
"Bojangles of Harlem" by Hermes Pan
 1937SHALL WE DANCEBest Song Nomination:
"They Can't Take That Away from Me" by George Gershwin (music) and Ira Gershwin (lyrics)
 1938CAREFREEBest Art Direction Nomination:
Van Nest Polglase
 1938CAREFREEBest Musical Scoring Nomination:
Victor Baravalle
 1938CAREFREEBest Song Nomination:
"Change Partners and Dance with Me" by Irving Berlin
 1949THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAYBest Color Cinematography Nomination:
Harry Stradling, Sr.

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