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Mrs. Miniver (1942)

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Dialogue 1

Toby Demands A Proposal

This is one of my favorite scenes from MRS. MINIVER. In it, the Miniver family is sitting around the dinner table: Clem (Walter Pidgeon) and Kay (Greer Garson) Miniver, Toby (Christopher Severn) and Judy (Clare Sandars) (the young children), and Vin (Richard Ney) who is home on leave from the Royal Air Force having just earned his wings and a week's leave on the strength of his 85% test score. Joining them is Carol Beldon (Teresa Wright) in whom Vin has more than a passing romantic interest.

Toby: Mother.
Mrs. Miniver: Yes, darling.
Toby: Is Vin going to marry Carol?
Mrs. Miniver: (glancing uncomfortably about the table) Now Toby, just finish your dumpling, darling.
Toby: I only said is Vin going to marry Carol...
Clem: (warningly) Toby...
Mrs. Miniver: Isn't it nice having Vin at home, sweet, and staying down here with us?
Toby: Yes. (to Vin) Are you going to marry Carol, Vin?
Vin: Well, since you bring it up, Toby... (whispering) I haven't had the nerve to ask her.
Toby: Why not? You're brave, aren't you?
Judy: Don't be so silly, Toby. Gentlemen don't propose when they're eating.
Toby: Why not?
Judy: Well, it's not romantic.
Clem: (laughing)... Of course it isn't....
(a pause)
Carol: Toby.
Toby: What?
Carol: Why don't you ask me if I'm going to marry Vin?
Toby: Are you?
Carol: If he asks me...
Toby: Ha!... He's afraid!
Vin: Why say! I'm not going to stand for that....

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