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Casablanca (1942)

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Rick and Ilsa eat peanuts in Paris

The Flashback:

CASABLANCA has more lines that have become classic quotations than any other movie I can think of. It is also probably one of the most misquoted films ever.  

At right, Rick and Ilsa eat peanuts in Paris:

"We'll always have Paris." -- Rick

Click here"Paris Montage" (clip) by Max Steiner (a .MP3 file courtesy Rhino Records).

Rick and Ilsa toast

The most famous line in the film (and one of the most famous lines in movie history) is Rick's toast to Ilsa:

Rick: "Who are you really? And what were you before? What did you do and what did you think? Huh?" 

Ilsa: "We said 'no questions'." 

Rick: Click here"Here's looking at you, kid." (a .WAV file).

Sam, Rick and Ilsa at La Belle Aurore

Besides all the classic lines, the song "As Time Goes By" also became famous as a result of this movie (although it was not original to the film). Not only did Dooley Wilson do a memorable job singing it, but composer Max Steiner wove strains of it so completely into the film's score that it seems impossible to imagine the one without the other.

Rick and Ilsa listen to the German radio

Rick and Ilsa at La Belle Aurore.

Despite the good times had in Paris, happily-ever-after was not meant to be just yet. The Nazis march into Paris, and Rick and Ilsa make plans to flee. 

Later, Rick recalls: "The Germans wore gray. You wore blue."

Ilsa responds: "Yes. I put that dress away.  When the Germans march out I'll wear it again."

But notice in the two pictures above and at left, Ilsa is wearing a suit, not a dress.  Oops.

Click here"At La Belle Aurore" (clip) by Max Steiner (a .MP3 file courtesy Rhino Records).
Sam and Rick waiting for Ilsa in the rain

It's time to leave, but Ilsa is nowhere to be found.  Then Sam arrives at the train station with a note:

I cannot go with you or ever see you again.  You must not ask why.  Just believe that I love you.  Go my darling, and God bless you.

Sam consoles Rick, who's feeling as though his insides had just been kicked out.

Ilsa comes back

Back to reality:

"She's coming back.  I know she's coming back." --Rick.

And she does.

Click here"Ilsa Returns" (clip) by Max Steiner (a .MP3 file courtesy Rhino Records).

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