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Casablanca (1942)

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
casabl_champagnepiano_little.jpg (6564 bytes) casabl_champagnepiano
Sam at the piano while Rick pours Ilsa champagne. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casabl_meetrick.jpg (27926 bytes) casabl_meetrick.jpg Renault introduces Rick to Ilsa and Victor. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casabl_poster1.jpg (22631 bytes) casabl_poster1.jpg A horizontal poster from CASABLANCA featuring Bogart and Bergman cheek to cheek on a yellow background. courtesy Greatest Films.
casablanca_airport.jpg (20251 bytes) casablanca_airport.jpg Renault, Rick, Lazlo and Ilsa at the airport. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_dooley_train.jpg (21074 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Sam with Rick reading the letter at the train station. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_henreid_topstairs.jpg (16208 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Rick and Lazlo at the top of the stairs. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_ingrid_latedrink.jpg (17860 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Ilsa trying to reason with a very drunk Rick. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_lorre_chess.jpg (20016 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Ugarte observing Rick playing chess against himself. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_lorre_helpme.jpg (18807 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Ugarte pleading for help as he is arrested. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_bogie_rains_gunpoint.jpg (12112 bytes) casablanca_bogie_
Rick willing to shoot Capt. Renault. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_dooley_greenstreet_piano.jpg (21020 bytes) casablanca_dooley_
Sam discussing his employment arrangements with Ferrari and Rick. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_goodbye.jpg (19157 bytes) casablanca_goodbye.jpg A closeup of Rick and Ilsa's famous goodbye at the airport. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
casablanca_ingrid_poster.jpg (25474 bytes) casablanca_ingrid_
A German CASABLANCA poster featuring Bergman. courtesy Greatest Films.
casablanca_poster_50th.jpg (25888 bytes) casablanca_poster_50th.jpg A poster from the 50th anniversary rerelease of the film.  
casablanca_poster_belgium.jpg (11392 bytes) casablanca_poster_
A reprint poster from the original Belgian release. courtesy Greatest Films.
casablanca_roulette.jpg (14057 bytes) casablanca_roulette.jpg Rick advising Jan to try 22 at the roulette table. courtesy Vincent's Casablanca Homepage.
ingrid_bogart_cannonfire.jpg (13101 bytes) ingrid_bogart_cannonfire.jpg Rick and Ilsa watching out the window as the Germans march into Paris. courtesy Erik's Ingrid Bergman Gallery (no longer online).
ingrid_bogart_hereslookin.jpg (12572 bytes) ingrid_bogart_
Rick and Ilsa drink a toast in the flashback. courtesy Erik's Ingrid Bergman Gallery (no longer online).
ingrid_bogart_parispeanuts.jpg (15242 bytes) ingrid_bogart_
Rick and Ilsa eating peanuts in the flashback. courtesy Erik's Ingrid Bergman Gallery (no longer online).
ingrid_bogart_studiopublicity.jpg (16126 bytes) ingrid_bogart_
A publicity still of Bogart and Bergman. courtesy Erik's Ingrid Bergman Gallery (no longer online).

*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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