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Anne Baxter

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
baxter_10command_portrait.jpg (14003 bytes) baxter_10command_
A publicity portrait of Baxter as Nefretiri in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. courtesy American Widescreen Museum.
baxter_bluegardenia_peekdoor.jpg (28879 bytes) baxter_bluegardenia_
Baxter peeking from behind the door in THE BLUE GARDENIA. scanned from
BFI-NFT Programming
(January 2000) page 4.
baxter_conniem_sundaydinnersoldier.jpg (14573 bytes) baxter_conniem_
Baxter with Connie Marshall in SUNDAY DINNER FOR A SOLDIER. courtesy ChildStarlets.
baxter_dana_northstar_poster.jpg (38153 bytes) baxter_dana_
A poster from THE NORTH STAR. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
baxter_faceshot.jpg (34718 bytes) baxter_faceshot.jpg A portrait of Baxter. scanned from
BFI-NFT Programming
(April 2000) page 28.
baxter_heston_3violentpeople.jpg (68610 bytes) baxter_heston_
With Charlton Heston in THREE VIOLENT PEOPLE. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (November 1998, page 22).
baxter_payne_razorsedge_still.jpg (19325 bytes) baxter_payne_
With John Payne in THE RAZOR'S EDGE. scanned from 65 Years of the Oscar: the official history of the Academy Awards by Robert Osborne (1994).
baxter_portrait.jpg (7589 bytes) baxter_portrait.jpg A portrait of Baxter. scanned from Star Quality: Screen Actors from the Golden Age of Films by Arthur F. McClure and Ken D. Jones (1974).
baxter_sanders_alleve_still.jpg (14170 bytes) baxter_sandersalleve_still.jpg With George Sanders in ALL ABOUT EVE. scanned from The
Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema
edited by Ann Lloyd and Graham Fuller (1983).
baxter_sothern_bluegardenia_poster.jpg (36303 bytes) baxter_sothern_
A poster from THE BLUE GARDENIA. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
baxter_welles_cotten_magambersons_poster.jpg (20677 bytes) baxter_wellescotten_
A poster from THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. courtesy Greatest Films.
bette_allabouteve_poster.jpg (15722 bytes) bette_allabouteve_
A poster from ALL ABOUT EVE. courtesy Greatest Films.
clift_baxter_iconfess_poster.jpg (67893 bytes) clift_baxter_
A poster from I CONFESS. courtesy The Brian Keith site.
dana_baxter_swampwater.jpg (32013 bytes) dana_baxter_swampwater.jpg With Dana Andrews in SWAMP WATER. scanned from
BFI-NFT Programming
(April 2000) page 29.
roddy_baxter_woolley_preminger_piedpiper.jpg (31784 bytes) roddy_baxter_woolley_
With Roddy McDowall, Monty Woolley and Otto Preminger in THE PIED PIPER. scanned from Hollywood at War: The American Motion Picture and World War II by Ken  D. Jones and Arthur F. McClure (1973).
tpower_baxter_razorsedge_opiumden.jpg (34667 bytes) tpower_baxter_
With Tyrone Power in THE RAZOR'S EDGE. scanned from
BFI-NFT Programming
(April 2000) page 3.
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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