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Bacall's films with Humphrey Bogart:

A still with Bogart from their second film together, Howard Hawks' THE BIG SLEEP (1946). This fast-moving film-noir thriller is riddled with entertaining dialog and was originally made in 1944 though held back from release until 1946. See my page on the film to find out why and read an explanation of the complicated plot.

After appearing briefly together as themselves in a Warner Bros. comedy entitled TWO GUYS FROM MILWAUKEE (1946), posters from their third and fourth co-starring films together: DARK PASSAGE (1947) also with Agnes Moorehead, and John Huston's KEY LARGO (1948) with Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore.

A studio publicity still as Nora Temple and Frank McCloud from their final film together, KEY LARGO (1948).

Memorable Quotations:

  • "You know you don't have to act with me, Steve. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything....not a thing. Oh, well maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow." --as Slim in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.
  • "I'm hard to get, Steve. All you have to do is ask me." --as Slim in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.
  • "Nobody's mother lives in Atlantic City on Saturday." --as Schatze Page in HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE.

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