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Mary Poppins (1964)

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Jane and Michael must take their medecine

Unfortunately for Jane and Michael, the outing in the chalk pavement picture is brought to an end by a sudden thunderstorm.  Upon returning home, they prepare for the worst:  "Children who get their feet wet must learn to take their medicine," Mary Poppins tells them.  But no spoonful of sugar is necessary to make this medicine go down.  Jane's lime cordial is "Delicious!"  Michael's strawberry flavor is downed with a satisfied "Mmmmm."  And Mary Poppins finds her rrrrum punch "Hic!  Quite satisfactory."  But when Mary Poppins announces that it's time for bed, Jane and Michael protest, prompting the ironic bedtime ballad "Stay Awake."

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Jane and Michael's adventures continue with a tea party on the ceiling at Uncle Albert's and "highly questionable outings of every other kind," according to Mr. Banks who, assuming responsibility for his children's education for a day, decides to take them into the city and show them where he works.

The night before Jane and Michael are to accompany their father to the bank, Mary Poppins tells them about "The Bird Woman" who sells bags of crumbs on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral so that passers-by can feed the birds.  Oscar-winning character actress Jane Darwell has a brief cameo appearance in MARY POPPINS playing The Bird Woman -- it was the last film role of her career -- and she is just one of many distinguished character actors who make small but noteworthy contributions to the film.  Others include Ed Wynn (Uncle Albert), Reginald Owen (Admiral Boom), Elsa Lanchester (Katie Nanna) and Arthur Treacher (Constable Jones). 

Up on the rooftopAfter a rather troublesome morning with their father at the bank, Jane and Michael return home with Bert who is headed to number 17 Cherry Tree Lane to sweep their chimney. The group soon finds itself (along with Mary Poppins) "up where the smoke is all billowed and furled, 'tween pavement and stars" -- in the Chimney Sweep world.

Bert with the chimney sweeps

They meet lots of other chimney sweeps on the rooftops of London and thoroughly enjoy themselves, but after a rousing round of "Step in Time" and a battle with Admiral Boom, it's time to go home.

Click here "Step in Time" (a .MOV file courtesy The Walt Disney Company).

Sweeps on stairs

All they did was cause a stir at the bank and have a little fun with the chimney sweeps, so why is Mr. Banks so upset with them? A between-scenes picture on the Banks' main staircase of Mary Poppins and Bert with Jane and Michael.

Of all the wonderful songs in MARY POPPINS, guess which won the Academy Award for Best Song of 1964...
Click here "Chim Chim Cheree" (clip) (a .MP3 file courtesy the Walt Disney Company).

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