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Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

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Holly Golightly (Lulamae Barnes) Audrey Hepburn
Paul Varjak (Fred) George Peppard
2-E (Mrs. Louise Failenson) Patricia Neal
Doc Golightly Buddy Ebsen
O. J. Berman Martin Balsam
Josť da Silva Pereira Josť Luis de Villalonga (as Vilallonga)
Tiffany's salesman John McGiver
Sally Tomato Alan Reed
Mag Wildwood Dorothy Whitney
Stripper Beverly Powers (as Miss Beverly Hills)
Rusty Trawler Stanley Adams
Sid Arbuck Claude Stroud
Librarian Elvia Allman
Mr. Yunioshi Mickey Rooney
Cat Orangey/Putney the Cat
(*sources differ on this credit)
Woman Janet Banzet
Taxi Driver Dick Crockett
Man at party Tommy Farrell
Harmonica Player George Fields
Party Guest Joe Gray
Delivery Boy Kip King
Gil, Party Guest with Harriet Gil Lamb
The Cousin James Lanphier
Harriet, Party Guest in Gold Dress Miriam Nelson
Man with Eye Patch Michael Quinn
Hindu at party William Benegal Rau
Chinese girl at party Annabella Soong
Women at party Helen Spring, Fay McKenzie, Hanna Landy
Girl in Low-Cut Dress Joan Staley
Party Guest with Cat on shoulder Wilson Wood

Cast information from Cinemania '95 and the Internet Movie Database.

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