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The Philadelphia Story (1940)

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Dinah (Virginia Weidler), Margaret (Mary Nash), and Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) stirred at the visit of Tracy's ex, C.K. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant).

Read the Lyrics to "Lydia, the Tatooed Lady," the song Dinah sings to Liz and Conner when they arrive.
click hereHear a clip of Virginia Weidler singing "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady." (a 267KB .WAV file)

Dexter gives author Macaulay Conner (Jimmy Stewart) his analysis of "Red."

Hear this bit of sarcastic dialogue (a 532KB .WAV file):

"It's astonishing what money can do for people, isn't it Mr. Conner? Not too much, you know, just more than enough. Now take Tracy for example. Never a blow that hasn't been softened for her. Never a blow that won't be softened. As a matter of fact, it even changed her shape, she was a dumpy little thing at one time."-- Dexter.
"Only as it happens I'm not interested in myself for the moment."-- Tracy.
"Not interested in yourself? You're fascinated, Red. You're far and away your favorite person in the world."-- Dexter.

More Memorable Quotations:

  • "Oh, we're going to talk about me, are we? Goody."-- Tracy.
  • "The prettiest sight in this fine pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges."-- Conner.
  • Click here"Eh, this is the voice of doom calling. Your days are numbered to the seventh son of the seventh son." --Conner.
  • Click here"My, she was yare." --Tracy.
    "Yare? What's that mean?" --George Kittredge.
    "It means, uh... easy to handle, quick to the helm, fast, bright-- everything a boat should be... until she develops dry rot." --Tracy.
  • "To hardly know him is to know him well."-- Dexter.
  • "I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives. You know one time I secretly wanted to be a writer."-- Dexter.
  • "The time to make up your mind about people is never." --Tracy.
  • Click here"Nothing ever possibly in the least ever happens here." --Dinah.
  • Click here"CK Dexter Haven. Oh, CK Dexter Haven!" --Conner.
  • "Doggone it, C.K. Dexter Haven, either I'm gonna sock you or you're gonna sock me."-- Conner.
  • Click here"You haven't switched from liquor to dope, have you Dexter?"-- Tracy.
  • "I'm going crazy. I'm standing here solidly on my own two hands and going crazy."-- Tracy.
  • "With the rich and powerful always a little patience."-- Conner.
  • "We all go haywire at times and if we don't, maybe we ought to."-- Liz.

Tracy and offers Conner a light, and drunk together after the party (above).
Click hereHear Mike tell Tracy what a Golden Girl she is. (a 425 KB .WAV file)

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