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Humphrey Bogart
 courtesy TCM
a 1.09MB .ZIP file
James Cagney a 382KB .ZIP file
Charles Chaplin a 297KB .ZIP file
Classic Movie Legends a 1.42MB .ZIP file
Joan Crawford
 courtesy TCM
a 1.08MB .ZIP file
Bette Davis a 598KB .ZIP file
James Dean a 2.03MB .EXE file
Judy Garland (A) a 973KB .ZIP file
Judy Garland (B)
 courtesy TCM
a 1.08MB .ZIP file
Audrey Hepburn a 990KB .ZIP file
Stanley Kubrick a 1.73MB .ZIP file
The Little Rascals a 450KB .EXE file
Marilyn Monroe a 550KB .ZIP file
Paul Newman
 courtesy TCM
a 1.07MB .ZIP file
Robert Redford a 953KB .ZIP file
Sherlock Holmes a 2.11MB .EXE file
Frank Sinatra a 743KB .ZIP file
Elizabeth Taylor a 505KB .ZIP file
Shirley Temple (A) a 382KB .ZIP file
Shirley Temple (B)
 courtesy 20th Century-Fox
a 1.04MB .EXE file
John Wayne
 courtesy Paul Newton
a 1.46MB .EXE file
Natalie Wood a 236KB .ZIP file

Movies | People

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