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 16mm & 35mm Films:

Though TV and home video sure make watching classic movies very convenient, there's still no beating seeing an actual film projection on the big screen.  There are a number of theatres throughout the United States and the world which still show classics on the big screen, but for those of you who like to rent or buy them and project them yourselves, this page lists a few resources that can help.

The distributors below can also help you obtain a public performance license if you plan to show the film outside of a private home environment or to someone other than family or social acquaintances.  For more information on when this special public performance permission is necessary, visit the Images, Clips and Public Performance Licensing page.

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For Rent:

  • Biograph Entertainment (16mm) 
    (Phone: 914-242-9838)
    2 Depot Plaza, Suite 202B 
    Bedford Hills, NY 10507 
  • Columbia Pictures Repertory (35mm) 
    (Phone: 310-244-5683; Fax: 310-244-1566)
    Attn: Michael Schlesinger 
    2209 Thalberg Bldg. 
    10202 W. Washington Blvd. 
    Culver City, CA 90232 
  • Cowboy Pictures
    (Phone: 212-929-4200; Fax: 212-929-9786)
    6 West 24th Street
    New York, NY 10010 USA
  • Criterion Pictures USA, Inc. 
    (Handles 20th Century-Fox's classic library and more)
    (Phone: 800-890-9494 or 847-470-8164; Fax: 847-470-8194)
    Attn: Anne Goodman  
    8238-40 Lehigh Avenue 
    Morton Grove IL 60053-2615 
  • The Douris Corporation (16mm and 35mm) 
    (Phone: 614-469-0720; Fax: 614-469-1607)
    Attn: Tim Lanza 
    209 S. High Street, Suite 310 
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • Em Gee Film Library (16mm)
    (Phone: 818-881-8110; Fax: 818-981-5506)
    Attn: Murray Glass 
    6924 Canby Avenue, Suite 103 
    Reseda, CA 91335 
  • Films Incorporated (16mm)
    5547 N. Ravenswood Avenue 
    Chicago, IL 60640-1199 
  • Hollywood Classics
    (Phone: +44 (0)207 262 4646; Fax: +44 (0)207 262 3242)
    Joe Dreier
    8 Cleveland Gardens
    London, W2 6HA
    United Kingdom
  • Idaho Film Collection at Boise State University 
    (Phone: 208-385-1999)
    Tom Trusky, Head 
    228 Liberal Arts Building
    1910 University Drive
    Boise ID 83725-1525
  • Interama, Inc.
    (Phone: 212-977-4830; Fax: 212-581-6582)
    301 West 53rd Street, Suite 19E 
    New York, NY 10019 
  • Kino International (16mm and 35mm)
    (Phone: 800-562-3330 or 212-629-6880; Fax: 212-714-0871)
    333 West 39th Street 
    New York, NY 10018 
  • MGM/UA Classics (35mm)
    11111 Santa Monica Blvd. 
    Los Angeles CA 90025 
  • Milestone Film & Video (16mm and 35mm)
    (Phone: 800-603-1104 or 212-865-7449; Fax: 212-222-8952)
    275 West 96th Street, #28C 
    New York, NY 10025 
  • Modern Sound Pictures, Inc. (16mm)
    (Phone: 402-341-8476; Fax: 402-341-8487)
    1402 Howard Street
    Omaha, NE, 68102-2885
  • The Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film Library (16mm)
    (Phone: 212-708-9530; Fax: 212-708-0531)
    11 West 53 Street 
    New York, NY 10019 
  • National Center for Jewish Film (16mm)
    (Phone: 617-899-7044; Fax: 617-736-2070)
    Lown Building 102 
    Brandeis University 
    Waltham, MA 02254 
  • New Yorker Films (16mm)
    (Phone: 212-645-4600; Fax: 212-645-3030)
    85 Fifth Avenue, 11th floor
    New York, NY 10003
  • Paramount Pictures Corp. (35mm)
    (Phone: 213-956-5889; Fax: 213-862-8627)
    Attn: Robert O'Connor 
    Theatrical Repertory Sales 
    5555 Melrose Avenue 
    Marathon Building - Suite 4129 
    Hollywood CA 90038-3197 
  • The Mary Pickford Company (16mm and 35mm)
    (Phone: 310-396-4847; Fax: 310-396-3482)
    Attn: Elaina Archer 
    10736 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 515 
    Culver City, CA 90230-4969 
  • Swank Motion Pictures (16mm)
    (Handles Turner Entertainment's classic library and more)
    (Phone: 800-876-5577 or 314-534-6300; Fax: 314-289-2192)
    201 S. Jefferson Avenue 
    St. Louis, MO 63103-2579 
  • Warner Bros. Classics
    (Phone: 818 379-1814)
    Linda Evans Smith 
    Director of Sales 
  • Worldview Entertainment, Inc.
    (Phone: 212-925-4291; Fax: 212-925-2314)
    Attn: Sandra J. Birnhak 
    145 West 55th Street, 7th floor 
    New York, NY 10019 

For Sale:

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