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 Writing the Stars:

Hints for Writing to the Stars

FAN LETTERS: There aren't any rules to follow when writing a letter to a star that you wouldn't apply when writing a letter to anyone else: be polite and sincere; type or write legibly; keep it short.  Some stars try to respond to all their mail, but most only reply selectively if at all.  If you want a response to your letter, including a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) is a good idea, but doesn't guarantee a response.

AUTOGRAPH REQUESTS: When writing to request an autograph, be sure to follow any instructions that the star has specified.  And in addition to those instructions, ALWAYS include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).  If sending or requesting pictures, ALWAYS include a piece of cardboard (of adequate size to prevent the picture from being damaged in the mail) in addition to your SASE. Also, don't try to take advantage of stars who sign autographs for free; requesting more than one autograph increases the likelihood that the star won't respond at all. 

If sending other items of memorabilia to be signed (posters, books, etc.), protect but don't over-package the items.  Taping parcels up too tightly can make them difficult for a star to open and may even increase the likelihood of damage to the contents.  Be sure to include all necessary return packaging and postage with your items because the easier you make it for the star to grant your autograph request, the more likely it is to be granted

Lastly, the information about autograph policies on this list has come from the celebrities themselves, so if they ask not to be bothered with autograph requests, don't bother them.  By continuing to pester those stars who have graciously let me list their address for the purpose of fan mail, you risk them asking me to remove their address altogether -- denying fans who use this list to write letters of appreciation the ability to do so. 

PROFESSIONAL INQUIRIES: This category applies to people in the film industry and other professionals seeking to contact a star about business or other related matters.  Examples include filmmakers, film festival organizers, charitable organizations, authors researching books, etc.  A few of the stars who no longer accept fan mail still oblige certain professional requests for interviews and public appearances.  These requests are most frequently processed through an agent or other representative however, not the celebrity him/herself. 

SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPES (SASEs): Remember that although SASEs are absolutely required in most cases in order to get a reply or an autograph, including one DOES NOT guarantee that the star will respond.  It just gives you a better chance than you would have otherwise.  Contrary to what you may think, many of these stars are not rich (most of them do not have any royalty rights on their films) and can't afford to respond to all the mail they get without return postage provided by the fans.

INTERNATIONAL MAIL: When a star requests that fans include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope), that applies to people writing from abroad as well, not just fans in their home country.  If you live in a different country from the star you are writing, you have two main options for buying international postage. First, since most of these stars live in the United States, fans outside the United States can buy U.S. stamps to use on their SASE at The U.S. Postal Service website has a rate calculator that can tell you how much postage will be needed to mail your envelope and its contents from the U.S. back to your country.  Secondly, there are things called International Postage Vouchers which can be purchased at almost any post office world-wide.  When included with your return envelope, they can be used as postage by the star.

BE PATIENT: Some of these stars still get hundreds of fan letters and autograph requests a week, and even those who make the effort to respond don't always do so in a timely manner.  Although some respond within a month or two of receiving an autograph request from a fan, others can take years -- literally.  (Those who sell their autographs tend to be the most prompt with their responses.)  Thus, be patient.  Don't write a star expecting them to adhere to your deadlines (especially if you are requesting an autograph for a special occasion -- like Christmas or someone's birthday).  Even those stars with email addresses go on vacation or fall ill at times and get behind in their correspondence.  Responding to their fan mail is rarely these stars' highest priority in life.

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