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Olivia de Havilland

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
bette_dehav_inthisourlife_pbcover.jpg (58515 bytes) bette_dehav_inthisourlife_
A press book cover from IN THIS OUR LIFE. courtesy Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Posters.
bette_hushhush_poster.jpg (18916 bytes) bette_hushhush_poster.jpg a poster from HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE.  
cagney_dehav_irishinus.jpg (9336 bytes) cagney_dehav_irishinus.jpg James Cagney and de Havilland, from the knees up, in THE IRISH IN US. scanned from The Films of James Cagney by Homer Dickens (1972).
cagney_dehav_strawberryblond.jpg (19830 bytes) cagney_dehav_
de Havilland with James Cagney in THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE. scanned from The Films of James Cagney by Homer Dickens (1972).
clift_dehav_heiress.jpg (16519 bytes) clift_dehav_heiress.jpg Montgomery Clift squeezing de Havilland's shoulders in THE HEIRESS. scanned from Montgomery Clift: Beautiful Loser by Barney Hos Kyns (New York: Grove Weidenfield, 1991).
dehav_75thoscars2003.jpg De Havilland at the 75th Annual Academy Awards in 2003. courtesy The Associated Press.
dehav_bette_elizessex_plead.jpg (49520 bytes) dehav_bette_elizessex_
With Bette Davis in THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX. scanned from The Complete Films of Bette Davis by Gene Ringgold; updated by Lawrence J. Quirk (1990).
A lobby card from HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
A window card from HOLD BACK THE DAWN. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
dehav_dpowell_midsummernights_still.jpg (77740 bytes) dehav_dpowell_
With Dick Powell, Ross Alexander, and Jean Muir in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. scanned from "A Feast of Midsummer Fun" by The British Film Institute (24 June 2000).
dehav_faceshot.jpg (8928 bytes) dehav_faceshot.jpg A head and shoulders portrait of de Havilland. scanned from Leading Ladies by Don Macpherson and Louise Brody (1986).
dehav_flynn_advofrobinhood_still.jpg (13139 bytes) dehav_flynn_
De Havilland and Errol Flynn embrace in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. courtesy Erik's Female Celebrities (no longer online).
dehav_flynn_advrobinhood_poster.jpg (19432 bytes) dehav_flynn_
A poster from THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. courtesy Greatest Films.
dehav_flynn_dodgecity_poster.jpg (58022 bytes) dehav_flynn_dodgecity_
A poster from DODGE CITY. scanned from Vintage Hollywood Posters III by Bruce Hershenson (2000).
dehav_flynn_theydiedboots.jpg (13966 bytes) dehav_flynn_
With Errol Flynn in THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON. scanned from The Movie Makers by Sol Chaneles and Albert Wolsky (1974).
dehav_fontaine_sisters.jpg (12778 bytes) dehav_fontaine_sisters.jpg de Havilland and Joan Fontaine after the 1942 Academy Awards ceremonies scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (January 1997, page 14).
dehav_genn_snakepit.jpg (12807 bytes) dehav_genn_snakepit.jpg de Havilland and Leo Genn in the doctor's office in THE SNAKE PIT. courtesy Meredy's Visions in B&W.
dehav_leslie_bette_itsloveimafter.jpg (55418 bytes) dehav_leslie_bette_
With Bette Davis and Leslie Howard in IT'S LOVE I'M AFTER. scanned from The Complete Films of Bette Davis by Gene Ringgold; updated by Lawrence J. Quirk (1990).
dehav_march_anthonyadverse_poster.jpg (66625 bytes) dehav_march_
A poster from ANTHONY ADVERSE. scanned from Best Pictures Movie Posters by Bruce Hershenson (1999).
dehav_olderportrait.jpg (20280 bytes) dehav_olderportrait.jpg A photo of de Havilland from 1999. scanned from Parade Magazine (3 October 1999, page 4).
dehav_rita_cagney_strawberry_poster.jpg (13995 bytes) dehav_rita_cagney_
A poster from THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE. courtesy Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Posters.
dehav_strawblond_umbrella.jpg (8648 bytes) dehav_strawblond_
De Havilland and her parasol in THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE. courtesy Classic Movies.
dehav_terry_goodwin_toeachown_drugstore.jpg (17011 bytes) dehav_terry_goodwin_
With Phillip Terry and Bill Goodwin in TO EACH HIS OWN. scanned from The Great Romantic Films by Lawrence J. Quirk (1974).
dehav_wellgroomedbride_poster.jpg (21325 bytes) dehav_wellgroomedbride
poster from THE WELLGROOMED BRIDE with Ray Milland.  
dehav_wyler_heiress.jpg (14194 bytes) dehav_wyler_heiress.jpg Wyler giving de Havilland direction on the set of THE HEIRESS. Scanned from A Talent for Trouble: The Life of HollyWood's Most Acclaimed Director, William Wyler by Jan Herman (1997).
flynn_dehav_captblood_poster.jpg (33009 bytes) flynn_dehav_captblood_
A poster from CAPTAIN BLOOD. courtesy Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Posters.
fonda_dehav_jleslie_maleanimal_pbcover.jpg (71479 bytes) fonda_dehav_jleslie_
With Henry Fonda and Joan Leslie on a press book over from THE MALE ANIMAL. courtesy Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Posters.
gwtw_rhettdehav_kisshand.jpg (11552 bytes) gwtw_rhettdehav_
Clark Gable kisses de Havillands hand at the ball in GWTW. scanned from The Filming of Gone With The Wind by Herb Bridges (1984).
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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