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Ginger Rogers

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
fg_divorcee_pubshot.jpg (13081 bytes) fg_divorcee_pubshot.jpg A publicity shot of Fred and Ginger from THE GAY DIVORCEE. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_42street_poster.jpg (21724 bytes) ginger_42street_poster.jpg A poster from 42ND STREET. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
ginger_5thavegirl.jpg (11419 bytes) ginger_5thavegirl.jpg A still of Ginger from FIFTH AVENUE GIRL. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_5thavegirl_poster.jpg (22764 bytes) ginger_5thavegirl_poster.jpg A poster from FIFTH AVENUE GIRL. courtesy Cinemagic.
ginger_astaire_tophat_poster.jpg (20389 bytes) ginger_astaire_
A poster from TOP HAT. courtesy Greatest Films.
ginger_autographed.jpg (10344 bytes) ginger_autographed.jpg An autographed picture of Ginger. courtesy Ken Bledsoe.
A poster from IN PERSON. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
ginger_carroll_primrosepath_crying.jpg (16222 bytes) ginger_carroll_
Ginger with Joan Carroll in THE PRIMROSE PATH. courtesy Child Starlets.
ginger_cary_monkeybusiness.jpg (12220 bytes) ginger_cary_
Ginger with Cary Grant in MONKEY BUSINESS. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_castle_yamaman.jpg (12536 bytes) ginger_castle_yamaman.jpg Ginger dancing the "Yama Yama Man" in her clown suit in THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE. scanned from Shall We Dance: The Life of Ginger Rogers by Sheridan Morley (1995).
ginger_faceshot.jpg (12058 bytes) ginger_faceshot.jpg A portrait of Ginger. courtesy Screen Sirens.
ginger_frankernesttoon.jpg (21646 bytes) ginger_frankernesttoon.jpg A Frank 'n Ernest Cartoon about Ginger and Fred Astaire. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_jimmy_oscar1940.jpg (7080 bytes) ginger_jimmy_oscar1940.jpg Ginger with Jimmy Stewart at the Academy Awards in 1941. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_jimmy_vivaciouslady.jpg (14240 bytes) ginger_jimmy_
Ginger with Jimmy Stewart in a still from VIVACIOUS LADY. scanned from The Screwball Comedy Films: A History and Filmography, 1934-1942 by Duane Byrge and Robert Milton Miller (1991).
ginger_kate_stagedoor.jpg (19216 bytes) ginger_kate_stagedoor.jpg Ginger with Katharine Hepburn in STAGE DOOR. scanned from The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Book by Arlene Croce (1972).
ginger_kittyfoyle_poster.jpg (21851 bytes) ginger_kittyfoyle_poster.jpg A poster from KITTY FOYLE. courtesy Greatest Films.
ginger_lifecover_5nov51.jpg (11804 bytes) ginger_lifecover_5nov51.jpg Ginger on the cover of the November 5, 1951 issue of LIFE Magazine. courtesy Life Magazine Homepage.
ginger_lifecover_9dec40.jpg (11410 bytes) ginger_lifecover_9dec40.jpg Ginger on the cover of the December 9, 1940 issue of LIFE Magazine. courtesy Life Magazine Homepage.
ginger_lifecover_fishing_2mar42.jpg (39430 bytes) ginger_lifecover_
Ginger on the cover of the March 2, 1942 issue of LIFE Magazine. courtesy Life Magazine Homepage.
ginger_magnificentdoll_poster.jpg (23635 bytes) ginger_magnificentdoll_
A poster from MAGNIFICENT DOLL. courtesy Greatest Films.
ginger_majorminor_suitcase.jpg (15203 bytes) ginger_majorminor_
Ginger dressed as a little girl in THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR. scanned from Shall We Dance: The Life of Ginger Rogers by Sheridan Morley (1995).
ginger_monkeybus_rubberband.jpg (12720 bytes) ginger_monkeybus_
Ginger playing with a rubber band in MONKEY BUSINESS. courtesy Mirror Pix.
ginger_niven_batchmom.jpg (11520 bytes) ginger_niven_batchmom.jpg Ginger with David Niven in BATCHELOR MOTHER. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_portrait_autographed2.jpg (16603 bytes) ginger_portrait_
An autographed portrait of Ginger (c. 1943). courtesy Valis.
ginger_portrait_feathers.jpg (26874 bytes) ginger_portrait_feathers.jpg A portrait of Ginger (c. 1941). courtesy Valis.
ginger_portrait_older.jpg (14545 bytes) ginger_portrait_older.jpg A portrait of Ginger (c. 1950). courtesy Valis.
ginger_portrait_paramountapron.jpg (17245 bytes) ginger_portrait_
A portrait of Ginger from Paramount Pictures (c. 1942). courtesy Valis.
ginger_portrait_stripeddress.jpg (14021 bytes) ginger_portrait_
A portrait of Ginger (c. 1936). courtesy Valis.
ginger_portrait_youngblond.jpg (13794 bytes) ginger_portrait_
A portrait of Ginger (c. 1932). courtesy Valis.
ginger_powell_starmidnight_poster.jpg (19250 bytes) ginger_powell_
A poster from STAR OF MIDNIGHT. courtesy Bruce Hershenson Vintage Film Poster.
ginger_shallwedance_gingers.jpg (14085 bytes) ginger_shallwedance
Ginger and her clones in SHALL WE DANCE. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
ginger_tendercomrad.jpg (14694 bytes) ginger_tendercomrad.jpg A still from TENDER COMRADE. courtesy Swedish University Network.
ginger_tomdickharry_bowling.jpg (11392 bytes) ginger_tomdickharry_
Ginger in the bowling alley in TOM, DICK AND HARRY. scanned from Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers (1991).
kate_ginger_stagedoor_poster.jpg (22812 bytes) kate_ginger_
A poster from STAGE DOOR. courtesy Greatest Films.
reagan_rogers_day_stormwarning_poster.jpg (17439 bytes) reagan_rogers_day_
A poster from STORM WARNING. courtesy The Movie Posters Page.
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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