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Doris Day

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
ames_day_wickes_gray_lightsilverymoon.jpg (8628 bytes) ames_day_wickes_gray_
Day with Leon Ames, Mary Wickes and Billy Gray in BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON. courtesy Mirror Pix.
day_autographed.jpg (35116 bytes) day_autographed.jpg An autographed portrait of Day courtesy Valis.
day_cagney_lovemeleaveme.jpg (32443 bytes) day_cagney_
With James Cagney in LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME. scanned from The Economist (April 4, 1998) page 77.
day_calamityjane.jpg (13241 bytes) day_calamityjane.jpg As the title character in CALAMITY JANE.  
day_cary_touchofmink.jpg (9577 bytes) day_cary_touchofmink.jpg With Cary Grant in THAT TOUCH OF MINK. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (January 1998) page 14.
day_dannythomas_inmydreams.jpg (12635 bytes) day_dannythomas
With Danny Thomas in I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (May 1996) page 22.
day_faceshot.jpg (7965 bytes) day_faceshot.jpg  A portrait of Day. courtesy Microsoft Cinemania.
day_kirk_youngmanhorn.jpg (4788 bytes) day_kirk_youngmanhorn.jpg With Kirk Douglas in YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (March 1997) page 18.
day_lifecover_10oct60.jpg (49307 bytes) day_lifecover_10oct60.jpg Day on the cover of the October 10, 1960 issue of Life Magazine. courtesy Life Magazine.
day_macrae_lightsilverymoon.jpg (23010 bytes) day_macrae_
A poster from BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (May 1996) page 17.
day_pajamagame_halfsh.jpg (57934 bytes) day_pajamagame_halfsh.jpg A poster from THE PAJAMA GAME. courtesy LIU Schwartz Memorial Library: Special Collections.
day_reagan_winningteam_insert.jpg (77621 bytes) day_reagan_
A poster from THE WINNING TEAM. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
day_rock_pillowtalk.jpg (12628 bytes) day_rock_pillowtalk.jpg Day with Rock Hudson in a publicity still for PILLOW TALK. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (February 1997) page 7.
day_sboyd_durante_jumbo_poster.jpg (62381 bytes) day_sboyd_durante
A poster from JUMBO. courtesy Bruce Hershenson.
jimmy_dorisday_manknewmuch_bed.jpg (10798 bytes) jimmy_dorisday_
With Jimmy Stewart in THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH.  
reagan_day_winningteam_publicity.jpg (10062 bytes) reagan_day_winningteam
With Ronald Reagan in THE WINNING TEAM. scanned from Great Baseball Films: from Right off the Bat to A League of Their Own by Rob Edelman (1994).
reagan_rogers_day_stormwarning_poster.jpg (17439 bytes) reagan_rogers_day_
A poster from STORM WARNING. courtesy The Movie Posters Page.
rock_day_sendnoflowers.jpg (13899 bytes) rock_day_
With Rock Hudson in SEND ME NO FLOWERS. scanned from Together Again!: The Stars of the Great Hollywood Teams by Garson Kanin (1981).
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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