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Paul Newman

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Image Credits:
Image File Name Description Image Source
juliea_newman_torncurtain_poster.jpg (32349 bytes) juliea_newman_
A poster from TORN CURTAIN. courtesy The 12 Mile Reef
liz_cathotroof_poster.jpg (19885 bytes) liz_cathotroof_poster.jpg A poster from CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF courtesy Greatest Films
lizt_newman_cattinroof.jpg (21099 bytes) lizt_newman_cattinroof.jpg Newman with Elizabeth Taylor in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. scanned from Great Hollywood Movies by Ted Sennett (1983).
newman_faceshot.jpg (7696 bytes) newman_faceshot.jpg A black-and-white portrait of Newman. scanned from Paul Newman: A Biography by Eric Lax (1996)
newman_faceshot_color.jpg (9817 bytes) newman_faceshot_color.jpg A color portrait of Newman. courtesy Microsoft Cinemania
newman_fainpastel.jpg (7950 bytes) newman_fainpastel.jpg A pastel portrait of Newman. courtesy artist Jeffrey Fain
newman_hustler_poolshot.jpg (20469 bytes) newman_hustler_poolshot.jpg Newman shooting pool in THE HUSTLER. scanned from Paul Newman: A Biography by Eric Lax (1996)
newman_hustler_poster.gif (27129 bytes) newman_hustler_poster.gif A poster from THE HUSTLER. courtesy Greatest Films
newman_litamilan_lefthandedgun.jpg (14458 bytes) newman_litamilan_
Newman with Lita Milan in THE LEFT HANDED GUN. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (January 1996) page 12.
newman_redford_butchcassidy_end.jpg (16763 bytes) newman_redford_
Newman with Robert Redford at the end of BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. scanned from Together Again! The Stories of the Great Hollywood Teams by Garson Kanin (1981).
newman_theprize_poster.jpg (18303 bytes) newman_theprize_poster.jpg A poster from THE PRIZE.  
newman_thesting_poster.jpg (24292 bytes) newman_thesting_poster.jpg A poster from THE STING. scanned from Paul Newman: A Biography by Eric Lax (1996)
newman_welles_longhotsummer.jpg (14247 bytes) newman_welles_
Newman with Orson Welles in THE LONG, HOT SUMMER. scanned from Paul Newman: A Biography by Eric Lax (1996)
newman_woodward_faces.jpg (16332 bytes) newman_woodward_faces.jpg Newman with Joanne Woodward on a lobby card for THE LONG, HOT SUMMER. scanned from Paul Newman: A Biography by Eric Lax (1996)
newman_woodward_fromtheterrace.jpg (9437 bytes) newman_woodward_
Newman with Woodward in FROM THE TERRACE. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (May 1996) page 20.
newman_woodward_fromtheterrace_poster.jpg (20130 bytes) newman_woodward_
A poster from FROM THE TERRACE. courtesy Cinemagic
redford_newman_cassidystill.jpg (14613 bytes) redford_newman_
Newman and Robert Redford in a publicity still for BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. courtesy AMC

*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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