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Franz Waxman


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Music Clips:

  • Click here"The M-G-M Fanfare" (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Main Title" (clip) from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"The Tower Explodes & Finale" (clip) from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Tracy in Love" (clip) from THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (1940) (a .MOV file courtesy Rhino Records).
  • Click here"Suite" (clip) from REBECCA (1940) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Suspicion" (clip) from SUSPICION (1941) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Objective, Burma!" (clip) from OBJECTIVE, BURMA! (1945) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"The Paradine Case" (clip) from THE PARADINE CASE (1947) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Sorry, Wrong Number" (clip) from SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Sonata for Orchestra" (clip) from SUNSET BLVD. (1950) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Suite" (clip) from A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Come Back, Little Sheba" (clip) from COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA (1952) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Suite" (clip) from REAR WINDOW (1954) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Suite" (clip) from PRINCE VALIANT (1954) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Suite" (clip) from THE SILVER CHALICE (1954) (a .MP3 file courtesy Varese Sarabande).
  • Click here"Peyton Place" (clip) from PEYTON PLACE (1957) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"Main Title - Gaby and her Father" (clip) from THE NUN'S STORY (1959) (a .MP3 file courtesy Varese Sarabande).
  • Click here"Prelude" (clip) from THE STORY OF RUTH (1960) (a .MP3 file).
  • Click here"The Land Rush" (clip) from CIMARRON (1960) (a .MOV file courtesy Rhino Records).

(For help opening these files, visit the plug-ins page.)

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