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Otto Preminger

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Current Biography 1959

Newsweek (December 26, 1955) 4666+

Films and Filming (Nov. 1959) "Your Taste, My Taste . . . and the Censors" by Otto Preminger.

Films and Filming (Nov. 1963) "The Cardinal and I," by Otto Preminger.

FRENCH Cinema Journals

Présence du Cinéma (Feb. 1962).

Movie 4 (1962).

Interciné, nos. 1 and 2 (1963).

Avant-Scéne du Cinéma (July/Sept. 1978).

IN FRENCH (Series Cinéma d'aujourd'hui 34) "Otto Preminger" by Jacques Lourcelles (Paris, Seghers, 1965).

IN ITALIAN "Otto Preminger" by Giulia Carluccio (Firenze La Nuova Italia, 1991).

DOCUMENTARY "Anatomy of a Filmmaker Otto Preminger's Life in Film" (1991).


"Gypsy & me at home and on the road with Gypsy Rose Lee" by Erik Lee Preminger (Boston Little, Brown, c1984).

"Gypsy a memoir" by Gypsy Rose Lee (New York Simon & Schuster, 1986 c1957).

"Otto Preminger films Exodus" a report by Tom Ryan (New York Random House, 1960).

"Preminger's Two Periods--Studio and Solo," by Andrew Sarris, Film Comment 3, no. 3 (Summer 1965) 12.

"Interviews with Film Directors" by Andrew Sarris (1967).

"Otto Preminger," by Andrew Sarris American Film 14 (June 1989) 69-71.

"Anatomy of a Commercial Interruption," by Lillian Ross, New Yorker, 19 Feb. 1966, 42.

IN FRENCH "Laura Otto Preminger" étude critique de Odile Bächler (Paris Nathan, c1995).

"Exiles in Hollywood major European film directors in America" by Gene D. Phillips (Bethlehem Lehigh University Press ; London Associated University Presses, c1998).

"Who the devil made it conversations with Robert Aldrich, George Cukor, Allan Dwan, Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Chuck Jones, Fritz Lang, Joseph H. Lewis, Sidney Lumet, Leo McCarey, Otto Preminger, Don Siegel, Josef von Sternberg, Frank Tashlin, Edgar G. Ulmer, Raoul Walsh" interviewed by Peter Bogdanovich (New York Alfred A. Knopf, 1997).


New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times (all 24 Apr. 1986).





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