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Jimmy's Biopics:

A poster from THE GLENN  MILLER STORY (1954) with June Allyson, one of a series of biographical portrayals Jimmy did after the war.

A poster from another film co-starring June Allyson, Anthony Mann's STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND (1955). A former baseball star and World War II fighter pilot, Jimmy (as Lt. Col. Robert "Dutch" Holland) is called back into service during the heart of the Cold War to command a nuclear-armed bomber.

As Charles Lindbergh in THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS (1957), directed by Billy Wilder. Jimmy was thought to be a little old for this part, but won it because he wanted it so badly. It was on Jimmy's 19th birthday that Lindbergh set off on the first leg of his famous flight, and Jimmy charted his progress by moving a model plane about a globe in his father's hardware store in Indiana, Pennsylvania. It has also been commented that Lindbergh was at least part of Jimmy's inspiration when he became a pilot himself in the US Army Air Force during World War II.

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